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Aftermath of A Time Honored Christmas Tradition   catgirl63 THP
An Afternoon with the Barkovitzes Oy vey! - A Barkley parody Eve (baqaqi) TBL
Agony While one Barkley brother lies serious injured, two other brothers seek revenge against an evil incarnate. topcat (brehan) TWDTA[A]
Audra's Cooking Challenge   maggiecartwright TWDBCD
Avalanche The family encounters some troubles when they go for a xmas tree Buckaroo42 FFN
The Award Heath and his family encounter some difficulties going to an awards ceremony. Barb TBL
The Barkleys Buy a Car A little scenario of what would happen if Nick went to buy the family vehicle. Ees TBL
The Barkleys Buy a VCR Life in the 90's Ees TBL
The Barkleys on Vacation The vacation for a family that has everything. Barb TBL
Belonging Heath works hard at proving himself worthy of his new family but still doesn't believe they regard him as a true member of the Barkley clan until one day he falls ill and everything changes. Nora May French FFN
Borne Upon the Wind Set in 1877, the Barkleys become caught up in the attacks on Chinatown. Kailaana TWDTA[B]
Boundaries of Love Another look at Heath's early days as a Barkley. HS English TBL
Brothers   Bet TBL
Bye Bye Birdy Jarrod brings home a surprise package. Lynn (BVLynn) TBL
Campfire   dcat THP
The Christmas Gift   Roosgal (Jamie) TWDTA[C-E]
The Clandestine Guest The Barkleys encounter an important personage. Star TBL
Crossroads A what if from the "JOAQUIN" episode. Kailaana TWDTA[C-E]
Demise Jarrod tries to keep Matt Parker from ending his life but he is unsuccessful. Then an unknown assailant injures Jarrod. janetismyname (Janet Harbison) TBL
Discoveries The second and last sequel to "A Cry of Innocence", taking place thirteen years later. Kellie (Kellie L., KellieAgain) TBL
Dogs R US The Barkleys discuss a potential family pet. Barb TBL
Down Shadow Street: Aftermath   nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TBL
Early Morning Surprises [extension of "Late Night Encounters"] amlapilusa (Adrianne) TWDTAV
Echo on the Horizon The road a young man takes to his heritage takes many twists and turns. Deirdre (DeirdreM) TBL
EEEWWWWWWW! This story was written in response to Discussion Board speculations. Victoria and Heath make an announcement. Lynn (BVLynn) TBL
End of the World A continuation of the fan fic "The Barkley's on Vacation", with a few new characters thrown in. Barb TBL
The Eyes of the Dragon A visit to Jarrod by the Governor and an English gentleman along with the murders of two men who seem to have nothing in common set the Barkley on the trail of a missing English heir and a lost family heirloom. Aussie (Ro) TBL
First Snow The Barkleys travel to the Gold Country to find an injured Heath. Sorrel TBL
Freedom is Precious Jarrod is framed for murder after he marries his college sweetheart. janetismyname (Janet Harbison) TBL
Funeral Conversations Following Victoria's death - six conversations featuring Jarrod and other members of the family. nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TBL
God Don't Do Gimmes   Keesha TBL
Growing Season This story takes place after the end of the series. baddkid (Ruth) TWDSTA
A Heart Filled with Joy An Alternate Universe Story Regarding How Heath Came To Live On The Barkley Ranch Kenda KBVL
The Heir Though Audra disappeared a year before, the Barkleys do not give up hope of finding her. Barb TBL
Her Boys A Short Christmas story with two very curious brothers Linda (LindaG, BVLindaG) TBL
Home At Last [very short]
The Barkley's awaiting the return of a family member.
arkangel36 THP
The Injunction   baddkid (Ruth) TWDSTA
In Trust Tragedy strikes the Barkley ranch. Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
It's a Snap! Nick's Hidden Talent??? Barb TBL
Look to the Rainbow An alternate look at Heath coming to the Barkleys. The Barkley family recovers from Tom Barkley's death. This takes place several months after Tom's death. Deirdre (DeirdreM) TBL
The Man In The Mirror   arkangel36 TWDTV
Meet the Family A short Sunday dinner piece. HS English TBL
Mistles, Toes, and Mistletoes   kronosxf (Christina) TWDSTA
Mother's Wish Victoria chooses to spend Mother's Day with her sister rather than her children. weewillie TWDTV
Nightmare The Barkley family has to deal with a different Jarrod: Richard Long, himself, is thrown into a nightmare appearing in the real Big Valley. A similar story was posted on the Writing Desk a while back. I have just used the idea and went my own way with it. janetismyname (Janet Harbison) TBL
Not for the Faint of Heart: A Halloween Parody WARNING: I don't know that I'd call this adult humor, it's more like sophomoric and in questionable taste. I think it's funny, but we all know what that means. Suzanne TBL
Passages Hello all! We (Suzanne and Mary) got together and merged our 'alternative universes' in order to bring you all a story in response to Kellie's challenge for a New Year's Eve 1899 story. Mary and Suzanne TBL
A Place to Call Home During his first months living with his new family, Heath wonders if he'll ever come to think of the Barkley ranch as a place to call home. Kenda KBVL
The Power of a Mother's Love A Missing Scene From The Aired Episode: By Force And Violence Kenda KBVL
The Price of the Dragon Following on ten years after the events told in "Eyes of the Dragon" Jed Samuelson is back and this time he means to break Heath Barkley. Aussie (Ro) TBL
A Question of Loyalty Heath's first experience in the business affairs of the Barkleys. nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TBL
The Return Fifteen years after the last episode, the Barkley family is still reeling from the loss of a family member. Unexpected visitors, however, provide healing and hope for the future. KK TBL
Revenge of a Father The following Big Valley fan fiction story is based on the episode, "Down Shadow Street". janetismyname (Janet Harbison) TBL
September The Barkley's become embroiled in a battle over water rights, while Heath struggles to raise a daughter. Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
Strong Will, Broken Hearts An AU what if story. Victoria is not happy with the arrival of her husband's son. arkangel36 THP
The Thingamajig On The Wall The Barkley family is introduced to a strange new item and the new technology baffles the Barkleys. Barb TBL
To Conquer All Things Victoria and Audra go missing and Jarrod, Nick and Heath look for them along the Stockton Riverfront. Kailaana TWDTA[T]
Tomorrow Is Eternity Victoria and Audra flee for their lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains while Jarrod, Nick and Heath have troubles of their own to deal with that keep them from coming to their immediate rescue. Ethan Allen Wycliff returns to help in the search. Kailaana TWDTA[T]
Treasure Box The arrival of an unexpected package prompts Heath to share, with the Barkleys, memories of one childhood Christmas. tml14 TWDTV
Treasures Revealed Missing Scene From The Aired Episode: Lost Treasure Kenda KBVL
Turnips An exploration of the joys and trials faced by Heath and Sarah when, following their encounter in Days of Grace, she returns to him. tml14 TWDBCD
Twenty Years   AzizalSaqr (JD) TWDTV
The Twisted Cross A young grad student is enthralled by the activities of a family of phantoms inhabiting a beautiful old mansion just outside of Stockton and is drawn into their lives. Eve (baqaqi) TBL
The Unicorn and the Lady This is a missing scene From the aired episode "Plunder!" Kenda KBVL
The Valley Revisited Thirty years later, the Barkleys gather to mourn a loss. Barb TBL
The Vengeful Man Sequel to "Without A Trace". Dace Jones comes back to exact his revenge on Tom and Jarrod. janetismyname (Janet Harbison) TBL
The Visitor This story was inspired by a challenge issued by fellow Big Valley writer Leanne. Leanne wanted someone to pen a tale that didn't involved Heath getting shot, beat up, sick, or emotionally traumatized. Kenda TBL
What Did He Say? A tongue-tied Heath. Barb TBL
Without a Trace An evil man kidnaps Jarrod after Nick causes an accident that injures the man. Tom and Victoria must find him before he is killed. janetismyname (Janet Harbison) TBL

The Bull and the Half Brother Another variation on Heath's arrival, as told by one of the family members. Barb TBL
The Christmas Dinner [Christmas Childhood Trilogy -- Story Two]
One of three holiday short stories, each featuring a different Barkley brother at the age of eleven.
nlindabrit (LindaBrit) THP
The Christmas Lesson [Christmas Childhood Trilogy -- Story Three]
One of three holiday short stories, each featuring a different Barkley brother at the age of eleven.
nlindabrit (LindaBrit) THP
Clouded Perception [Time After Midnight - Missing Scene]
Jarrod's feelings on the first days of his blindness.
topcat (brehan) TWDTV
Comfort and Joy   weewillie TWDTV
Father, Forgiveness, and Finding the Way In this BIG VALLEY story, Victoria's cousin visits and helps Heath face his feelings about the father that he never met. DJK WWB
Heath's Valentine   docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAV
Heath\Victoria or Truth is Not Always Stranger than Fiction A parody in one act. Suzanne TBL
Here Comes Mr. Jordan: The BV Version Nick can not follow the rules in the afterlife. (Based on the 1941 movie.) weewillie TWDBCD
In Which Audra Learns About Life   Mars and Cat THP
In Which Audra Meets Her Friends at the Social   Mars and Cat THP
Keeping Secrets Excitement and intrigue surround the youngest Barkley in this suspense-filled story -- yes, you heard that right -- Gene actually has a life! Paula TBL
The Lily Letters By Sherry, Patricia, Maria, Dianne, Keesha, Tally, Linda, Elayn - Lily sends letters to her sister Violet back east describing life in the Big Valley. Round Robin TBL
The Long Road Home Victoria is kidnapped and illegally placed in the California State Women's Prison, being held there for two and a half years under a false identity. BVMatriarch TWDTA[J-L]
The Meaning of Christmas This story looks at what Heath's life might have been like if Leah Thomson allowed him to grow up on the Barkley Ranch as Victoria and Tom Barkley's son. Sparks fly when Heath, in his teenage years, finds out the truth behind his birth circumstances. Phoenix TBL
No Gilded Cage A new doctor comes to town, and Audra uncovers his secrets. KateHn (Kate Halleron) KHFF
Not Quite Strangers Eugene's fiance is a connection to Heath's past. Nancy (Unicorn) TBL
On the Other Foot An AU POG story with Nick as Leah's son and Heath running the ranch. arkangel36 THP
Over Exposed Practical Jokes get a little out of hand. First piece to a trilogy (part 2 "Cow Cookies", part 3 "What Comes Around Goes Around"). Dianne & Keesha FFN
Pappy The following Big Valley fan fiction story is based on events mentioned during the first episode of the series, "Palms of Glory". janetismyname (Janet Harbison) TBL
The Silence A trip to a mine changes the lives of the Barkleys Elayn TBL
Sins of the Mother The Barkleys learn about an episode from Victoria's past. Taylor TBL
Stuck ..... Again! [The Misadventures of Nicholas Barkley]
It's a continuation of my story, "Stuck" in the Misadventure's of Nicholas Barkley series. Nick is not five, but still has a problem with.....well you'll see.
arkangel36 THP
Traditions: The Ornament Jarrod finds a mysterious Christmas package in his desk drawer. Keesha TBL
Victoria's Revenge Victoria has a "down" day. HS English TBL
Victory in Defeat Heath and Nick vie for a stallion. Keesha TBL
The Visitor I believe it was Valerie who suggested we write a story incorporating characters, either real people or from television, movies, etc., with the Barkleys. Well, my response to the challenge follows. Taylor TBL
Wishes Granted An alternate universe in which Victoria has difficulty accepting Heath and makes a wish that Heath had not come to the ranch. Once the wish is granted, will she regret her wish, and how will her family move on without Heath? sbishoff FFN


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