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The Lost Treasure
This story takes place at the end of the episode, "The Lost Treasure". The premise is Heath took a different trail away from the ranch so did not come across Charlie Sawyer. The first scene is at the house, shortly after Heath rides off.
Episode: 2.01 - The Lost Treasure
Character(s): Heath
- Complete - (WWB)
  - Complete - (TBL) 21.09.1998 00:00
All in a Days Work (aka Yawning)
Audra and Heath share an adventure while the rest of the family is away.
Character(s): Heath, Audra
- Complete - (WWB)
  - Complete - (TBL) 21.03.1999 00:00
The Silence
A trip to a mine changes the lives of the Barkleys
Category: Post timeline
Character(s): Nick, Heath, Family
- Complete - (WWB)
  - Complete - (TBL) 31.03.1999 00:00
Double Take (aka Look, Culhane)
The presence of Nick confuses the people of Latigo. A Big Valley/Black Saddle crossover story.
Character(s): Jarrod, Nick
Crossover with: Black Saddle
- Complete - (WWB)
  - Complete - (TBL) 18.06.1999 00:00
Sometimes You Have to Leap Before You Look
A clever combination of "The Big Valley" and "Quantum Leap"
Crossover with: Quantum Leap
- Complete - (WWB)
  - Complete - (TBL) 05.07.1999 00:00
Tribute to the Indestructible Heath [poem]
Category: Poetry
- Complete - (WWB)


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