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The Absolution of Matt Bentell   docdeb (Debbie) TWDTA[A]
All Is Not Well [The Misadventures Of Nicholas Barkley] arkangel36 TWDTV
Black and White Photos Audra makes a discovery that leads the whole family to sit down and look through old family photos. Through these photos Heath will shed light on his past and lead him to truely accept the family around him. Sequel to "A Man's Horse". MummyRules (AndyHood) FFN
Christmas Eve Memories (aka Mama's Bible) A Christmas story about Heath and Victoria. docdeb (Debbie) THPCS
A Christmas Newsletter from Victoria Barkley   JCat225 TWDTV
Cowboy Talk [The Misadventures of Nicholas Barkley] arkangel36 TWDTV
Cow Cookies Victoria has the Reverend and the Ladies Society over for tea again. How will things go this time? Recommend reading "Over-Exposed" first is you want to get some of the reference herein. (Part 1 of trilogy "Over-exposed", part 3 "What Goes Around") Keesha FFN
Dark Crossings Heath and Victoria endure hardships Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
A Day of Terror A continuation of the episode. Star TBL
Done With Love   baddkid (Ruth) TWDTAV
Fences to Mend Tom returns from Strawberry very bitter and takes his frustrations out on Jarrod who can't understand why his father is angry with him. He has to endure a lot until Tom is able to come to grips with what he did while in Strawberry. janetismyname (Janet Harbison) TBL
First Born Jarrod's arrival in the world, based upon the episode, "My Son, My Son". janetismyname (Janet Harbison) TBL
The First Easter   Puff Spear TWDTAV
Forgive and Forget Another "what-if". Victoria knows that something is wrong when Tom returns from Strawberry. Taylor TBL
Gold!   BowValley TWDTC
The Great Barkley Pillow Massacre   Livvie (Pixie02, BVchica1345) THP
Heath's Valentine   docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAV
Heath\Victoria or Truth is Not Always Stranger than Fiction A parody in one act. Suzanne TBL
He Called Me Mother [Victoria's POV] arkangel36 THP
Last Will and Testament of Victoria Barkley (or Mommy Dearest Makes Good) Her last words Maria TBL
Learning About Love   docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAV
Life's Blessing   catgirl63 TWDTV
The Long Road Home Victoria is kidnapped and illegally placed in the California State Women's Prison, being held there for two and a half years under a false identity. BVMatriarch TWDTA[J-L]
The Meaning of Christmas This story looks at what Heath's life might have been like if Leah Thomson allowed him to grow up on the Barkley Ranch as Victoria and Tom Barkley's son. Sparks fly when Heath, in his teenage years, finds out the truth behind his birth circumstances. Phoenix TBL
A Mother's Heart When Jarrod is injured, Victoria thinks back to when her oldest son was a small child. momofthreegrls FFN
A Mother's Worry   Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
Night of the Big Valley Bride Pursuit of an old enemy leads James West to the Big Valley, where new romance begins for one of the Stockton Barkleys. agrader FFNC
Old Eyes   baddkid (Ruth) TWDTAV
The Parting   ariannabarkley TWDTAV
A Place to Call Home   Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTA[O-R]
The Point of the Matter A sticky situation encourages Heath to trust his new family. Keesha TBL
The Promise This story takes place in 1828 and tells about how Tom and Victoria first meet, become engaged and overcome obstacle to begin thier trek west. Torrie TBL
Promises to Keep Victoria was the "perfect mother", the one who never failed her children. This story takes a look at what might have happened if she had made a mistake and the ramifications of that error. HS English TBL
A Quiet Little Evening The Barkleys pay a call on a new resident of Stockton. HS English TBL
The Sampler While sitting with her newborn granddaughter Victoria discovers an item that puts to rest any fears she or Nick might have that Heath could leave. tml14 TWDTV
A Simple Misunderstanding [Jailed Brother Challenge] Katlynn THP
Sins of the Mother The Barkleys learn about an episode from Victoria's past. Taylor TBL
A Special Gift   docdeb (Debbie) TWDTV
The Ternion   docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAV
Tom's Secret When Heath is hurt in a distant town, he and the Barkley's encounter someone who knew Tom Barkley, and a secret he carried to his grave. sbishoff TWDTA[T]
Two Sides to the Story   schoolmarm TWDTV
Unexpected Gifts ["Someone For Everyone" - 4] Pykkadilly (Donna) - ? -
Valley of the Shadow [A Brother Story]
When sickness breaks down the family's ability to communicate, Jarrod supplies the words. A young Barkley family story.
StephGP (Laurie Le May) FFN
Victoria Barkley - Biography [Biography Challenge] BVMatriarch TWDTC
Victoria's Revenge Victoria has a "down" day. HS English TBL
The Visitor I believe it was Valerie who suggested we write a story incorporating characters, either real people or from television, movies, etc., with the Barkleys. Well, my response to the challenge follows. Taylor TBL
Wild Flower Heath and Victoria share a private moment. Mars/Renee TBL
Wild Horse Victoria   Bowbearer TWDTV
Wishes Granted An alternate universe in which Victoria has difficulty accepting Heath and makes a wish that Heath had not come to the ranch. Once the wish is granted, will she regret her wish, and how will her family move on without Heath? sbishoff FFN

Another Very Kate Christmas   shiningstar5 (Judy) TWDTA[U-Z]
The Christmas Picture   baddkid (Ruth) TWDSTA
Contemplation [Ficlet] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAV
The Defender Young Jarrod has an experience that leads him to an important decision. carolinagirl76 (Carolina BVfan) TWDTV
Finding Freedom [Valentine Challenge] weewillie TWDTC
A Fish Tale [Pet Short Story Challenge] momofthreegrls TWDTC
The Fortune Teller Heath and Audra have their fortunes told Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
HTD2 Horse play among the Barkley Brothers Keesha TBL
I Was Hungry: A Very Kate Christmas   shiningstar5 (Judy) TWDTA[U-Z]
Just a Giant Chicken! Nick and Heath count their blessings as they head home to celebrate Thanksgiving, Heath's first Thanksgiving with the Barkleys. Jansusan TBL
One too Many Featured characters in this story are Nick and Heath. We join the boys for an evening in Stockton. Nick is paying off a bet he owed his little brother. Jansusan TBL
A Pair of Watches Nick suffers from a case of sibling rivalry. nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TBL
Please Love Me for Who I Am Tom and Jarrod head for Sacramento and the stage is robbed. Tom has to learn to understand that his two sons are different and stop trying to force Jarrod to be more like Nick. During the trip Tom learns just how much he loves and cares for his son. janetismyname (Janet Harbison) TBL
A Reason to Stay   bonniebee2003 THP
A Rose is a Rose is a Rose Audra surprises Nick. Queenafoster TWDTAV
Rule Number 62 [based on "The Wish"]
Nick decides it's time to teach his little brother, Heath, about .... well, you'll have to read it to find out.
Katlynn THP
Stay the Course Nick and Heath try to buy Audra a birthday present. Keesha TBL
Those Fine Walls   PaloseRvrGal TWDTV
A Triple-Drunk!!! The boys and their practical jokes. nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TBL
Tumbleweed   Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTA[T]
Turkey Hunt   baddkid (Ruth) TWDSTA


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