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Eve (baqaqi)

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Story Parts (Internet Location) Posted Date
The Vegetarian 1 (THP)
  2 (THP)
An Afternoon with the Barkovitzes
Oy vey! - A Barkley parody
Category: Parody
Character(s): Family
- Complete - (TBL) 18.10.2000 00:00
A Fish Story (previously titled: The Eye of the Beholder)
A humorous tail! Nick is bothered by Audra's choice of boyfriend, and a childhood aquaintance of his returns to the Valley.
Category: Humor
Character(s): Nick, Audra
Part 1 (TBL) 17.12.2000 00:00
  Part 2 (End) (TBL)
Cowboys of Silicon Valley
A silly short. The noble Barkley family runs a respected, ethical, and successful software company with the backbone to take on evil goliath Valleysoft Corporation run by the unscrupulous Will Bates.
Category: Parody
- Complete - (TBL) 01.04.2001 00:00
The Twisted Cross
A young grad student is enthralled by the activities of a family of phantoms inhabiting a beautiful old mansion just outside of Stockton and is drawn into their lives.
Character(s): Family
Part 1: Chapters 1-7 (TBL) 15.07.2001 00:00
  Part 2: Chapters 8-16 (TBL)
  Part 3: Chapters 17-23 (TBL)
  Part 4: Chapters 24-32 (End) (TBL)
A Lousy Story
A parasite brings back memories for Silas
Category: Humor, Pre timeline
Character(s): Silas
- Complete - (TBL) 22.07.2001 00:00
Nick is warned about his future in-laws.
Category: Humor, Post timeline
Character(s): Nick
- Complete - (TBL) 22.07.2001 00:00
A short story focusing on Leah after Tom returns to his family.
Category: Pre timeline
Character(s): Leah Thomson
- Complete - (TBL) 22.07.2001 00:00


TBL: The Barkley Library
THP: The Holding Pen

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