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Story Description Author Last Post
Above and Beyond [an AU story] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) 21.08.2005 14:20
The Aftermath [My Son My Son] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) 31.08.2008 19:42
All Hallows Eve [a Halloween tale] angieBA 25.10.2005 20:58
Another Brick An AU story about Heath coming to live with the Barkley. Silvia (silvia68, trekde) 30.06.2006 15:10
Another Christmas Yarn   ItsMeVictoriaB (aka Miss KatieBee)
At All Costs   HJana 06.03.2006 11:39
Barkley's Bastard [Alternate version of POG] BamaJan 2 08.11.2009 14:54
Best Friend   valleygirlnj (Peg) 15.03.2009 11:00
A Bit of Heaven [The Iron Box] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) 24.04.2010 21:57
Bittersweet Heath loses a loved one and learns some startling facts about his mother. mizmoo (Nancy) 24.03.2010 21:19
Bless the Beasts and the Children   hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) 14.01.2010 21:53
Brands   lokigal (loki twin) 10.10.2008 17:17
Breaking Away Takes place twelve years and leading up to the events in "A Place Called Home". A pregnant Beth Barkley and her son Jarrod Barkley Junior run away from Jarrod. Torie (Torie2) 13.03.2005 15:09
Brother Mine This is an AU version of Heath coming to the Barkleys. lotr58 (Heidi) 07.07.2007 09:04
Brothers At War   bigvalleygal 12.08.2011 09:58
A Brother's Revenge   Jarrodisforme 12.04.2005 21:58
A Brother True   Heath4Me (Sandi H.) 17.04.2009 00:47
The Captain   sharie05 (Sandra Rogers) 16.05.2005 11:59
The Case of the Maladroit Manager [A Thursday Ladies Club Story] Polly Cy 10.10.2012 22:17
Changes   ScarlettCooper (Scarlett Elizabeth Cooper) 17.03.2009 00:00
Choices This is the sequel to "Continental Cowboy". catgirl63 04.10.2009 12:20
Choices of the Heart a more detailed story of Heath and the mysterious "Lupe" relationship from the challenge story "Handsome Heros" Roosgal (Jamie) 14.11.2006 22:32
Christmas Angels will Be Heard   Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) 01.01.2009 20:58
The Claim A story told (mostly) through letters dale 20.05.2005 13:53
Coming Home [in Progress]
A continuation of "Legend of a General".
HS English 21.10.2006 21:40
Coming Together continuation of "Battered Hearts" haplessharry 11.05.2007 20:53
Dancing on My Heart   rkmuucgl 21.11.2011 09:20
Darkness Enduring   JCat225 08.01.2012 21:28
Days of ....   JV (JV04) 10.07.2005 12:33
The Dead Imposter IT a sequel to A Brother's Revenge. Jarrodisforme 25.02.2008 23:16
A Dead Impostor   Jarrodisforme 15.10.2007 01:22
Deceptions and Betrayals This story is an AU about Heath joining the family. ssigirl74 29.07.2011 21:36
The Derelict   Puff Spear 30.07.2006 13:45
A Doctor's Aid [previously titled The First Time]
This story is a look at Heath's early days, but from Dr Merar's point of view. It's also an exploration of what life was like for a doctor in those days.
CamRose 19.10.2009 03:05
Duty and Deception This tells of a dramatic rift in the relationship of the Barkley brothers caused by two traumatic episodes in their lives. Redwood and Linda 21.01.2008 14:36
The Endicott Inheritance   Polly Cy 12.02.2012 15:36
The End or Just the Beginning? [sequel to Rose Garden]
In "The Man From Nowhere" Heath receives a letter, from a female to be sure, but who is she?
BValleyReader (Vickie G.) 29.11.2009 06:12
The Errors of Our Ways (former title: Chance Meeting)   Amy 24.05.2006 15:45
Escape Heath is being hunted but by who and why? Austin Bay 25.07.2008 00:00
Eye For An Eye [In progress]
Nick can handle any trouble square on. But what happens when the avenging brother of a dead bank robber goes after his own brand of revenge: more trouble for Heath!
Chianna 06.01.2004 00:00
Fairview's Loss   Heathen1 08.06.2010 09:24
Fighting Invisible Wars A young woman from Texas attempts to kill Heath, but when her plan is thwarted the family takes her in. ScarlettCooper (Scarlett Elizabeth Cooper) 25.07.2007 00:00
Finders Keepers   Roosgal (Jamie) 06.12.2010 19:44
The Forgotten [in hiatus] CamRose 25.11.2005 05:25
Forsaken   catgirl63 08.12.2010 09:55
Forty Rifles~Lost and Found   Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) 08.02.2009 22:52
Games of Deceit   K9Friend1 02.06.2007 09:43
The Girl From Donogal A misunderstanding turns Nick into a father. Barkley Lady (Cattis) 23.07.2007 23:33
The Girl from Mesa   Roosgal (Jamie) 18.04.2010 14:27
The Golden Connection [In progress] mavisdavisxxx (Lyn)
Grief Can Do That Set after 'Winner Lose All'. Heath, not feeling well, overseers a flooded mine. An unplanned soaking causes the family heartache for their cherished newest member of the family. Colleen17 19.08.2013 00:00
Growing Up This is a story about Heath growing up. missmess11 24.07.2012 00:00
Hanged by the Neck Until....   honorahlmi (Nora) 25.09.2011 15:35
Healing Visions [In progress] mavisdavisxxx (Lyn)
Heath and Heather Heath has a twin sister named Heather. Heath loses track of Heather during the war. Heath came to town not knowing Heather was in town. Nick hates her. Will he ever find out that his sister is in town? What happens when he finds out that Nick hates her? amethystgl 12.10.2010 00:00
Helpful Boys   kronosxf (Christina) 11.12.2009 19:53
Holly Robertson and Lynne Cooper   Jarrodisforme 03.06.2007 21:29
Home   metcalf1991 (Sara) 30.11.2009 21:23
The Horseman   nebbyjen 06.08.2008 20:41
I Dreamed of A Big Valley   Pineapple Angel 14 30.07.2013 00:00
If Only I'd Known   Roosgal (Jamie) 21.05.2012 11:35
I'll Be Home for Christmas   hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) 20.05.2009 22:11
I Love You Enough   Livvie (Pixie02, BVchica1345) 12.04.2004 18:24
Infinity and Beyond This is a little Nick and Heath story. valleygirlnj (Peg) 10.02.2007 10:50
Inner Depths   haplessharry 11.09.2008 20:34
Kidnappers   cas 17.11.2012 13:03
Leah's Decision This is yet another Heath meets the Barkleys story. Heath4Me (Sandi H.) 20.05.2006 19:08
The Letter   momofthreegrls 15.02.2013 16:16
The Letter   Roosgal (Jamie) 08.08.2013 18:14
Lights in the Sky This is BV meets XF (sort of). kronosxf (Christina) 15.02.2007 22:04
Little Fawn In the episode, LadyKiller, Nick speaks of a Paiute Indian girl being his first love, here's a little look. terribird55 05.12.2007 22:59
Living with Choices   ebalston 19.08.2005 13:14
The Long Ride To Stockton Nick goes to Beaver Crossings to bring back a nine-year-old girl, who was recently orphaned. And he gets way more then he bargained for. He soon finds out that many people want the girl dead. bobbie jo 1977 07.08.2005 15:37
Long Way Home Heath in court for his right to claim the Barkley name. hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) 25.10.2012 21:39
Making up Time   Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) 04.10.2010 21:08
Memories never die   Roosgal (Jamie) 21.05.2006 19:19
Midnight Rendezvous   lajuan 19.12.2009 11:56
Mine and Yours Heath arrives at the Barkley ranch. ... This is my effort to show a softer, gentler (but not TOO gentle!) Nick. HollyJeen 17.10.2006 17:47
Missing pieces from Earthquake   ebalston 26.09.2006 23:14
Missing Pieces Part II   Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) 06.09.2006 21:46
Monarch Oaks   jRedwood (Redwood) 22.07.2012 14:53
Nick's Saga   nlindabrit (LindaBrit) 09.02.2010 09:58
Nikos Phantos   Puff Spear 04.12.2006 02:08
Nobody Wins   Dyce20 (MaryK) 21.03.2013 13:55
Old Friend, New Tricks   stardust99 18.12.2006 00:18
Old Time Love This story involves Nick and an old sweetheart coming back to the Valley. THIS IS A TEST RUN! x-menfan1000 20.03.2010 00:00
One Day at the Office   Torie (Torie2) 12.05.2011 20:56
One Short Sleep   Janissa (JanissaB, Janissa11) 12.12.2005 16:09
The Patriarch General Hospital and Big Valley crossover Ariadne 26.06.2010 00:00
Peace Pipe at Snyder Creek [Epilogue to "Into The Widow's Web"] LodiLily (Ginger) 02.06.2011 15:44
The Pest   merr02 12.09.2006 23:36
Precedence Alanna's and Nick's marriage is off to a rocky start - family and friends are bad enough. Added to their troubles is a power crazed fanatic and two US Secret Service men, called West and Gordon! FINALLY BEING CONTINUED! Gail Gardner (in Finland) (Ship's Cat) 19.06.2007 00:00
The Prodigal [On Hiatus]
Nick returns as a prodigal son but whose forgiveness is he really looking for?
zephiey 14.05.2007 00:00
The Promise   catgirl63 08.09.2009 09:55
The Promise of Gold This short story was written in response to a writing challenge. The italicised text was provided as the starter. This was conceived as a longer story, but since I may never get to complete it, this 'tempter' is posted. mavisdavisxxx (Lyn)
Promises   momofthreegrls 14.11.2013 16:54
The Quality of Mercy The relationship between Nick and Heath is severely tested when a blasting accident on the ranch leaves a young woman blind. StephGP (Laurie Le May) 12.10.2012 00:00
Reap the Whirlwind   NAHF 15.06.2005 18:41
Refract AU story Rosie247 15.10.2006 21:26
The Return of John Hudson This story is a sequel to "A Brother's Revenge". Jarrodisforme 21.09.2005 22:03
The Return Of Richard Jordan [formerly titled "Retribution"] janetismyname (Janet Harbison) 12.08.2005 19:21
Rocco   nlindabrit (LindaBrit) 27.04.2007 18:21
Rumor   hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) 01.08.2009 16:28
The Scion   Puff Spear 20.05.2006 17:39
The Second Time Around Jarrod Barkley has a very hard time after the loss of his beloved wife, Beth. The Barkley Clan is worried about their 'Pappy', since he hasn't been himself since her death. Something WILL happen to change that and possibly change Jarrod in the process. Christiangirl 19.12.2011 00:00
Seeking Revenge   valleygirlnj (Peg) 15.03.2009 11:52
Settling Down   Roosgal (Jamie) 23.03.2011 08:39
Shadow Of Death   arkangel36 06.02.2006 22:55
Shadow of Doubt   soho178 03.10.2005 08:50
She Said Heath [SSH Challenge] Jansusan 23.07.2007 13:55
Slaying Dragons [in progress in BCD]
A revisit to "Bounty on a Barkley", taking place five years later. What if Layle Johnson came back into Nick's life?
MrsNickB (aka Mylady2) 10.09.2007 18:28
Slipping Away   ItsMeVictoriaB (aka Miss KatieBee) 28.06.2005 14:24
Somethings Are Just Worth Fighting For   Jessie Lin 30.01.2012 15:50
A Springtime Courtship   NurseLady214 30.11.2006 00:55
Still Untitled (AU)   Mars and Cat 27.08.2005 16:22
A Sunless Sea   kronosxf (Christina) 21.11.2009 10:17
Sweet Revenge   Janislou 03.10.2005 20:32
A Time To Be Thankful [A Barkley Christmas Story] NurseLady214 05.02.2007 20:27
A Tiny Piece of Cheese   lotr58 (Heidi) 04.09.2009 19:51
To Fill A Lonely Heart   haplessharry 17.02.2011 16:04
To Own the Night The continuation of the "Ramrod" continues with Heath's point of view once more as he and his family becomes embroiled in a fight to save their ranch from rustlers. galloping mare 19.06.2009 15:10
The Trade [A Nick and Remi story]
This story is a spin off to a story I wrote a few years ago called "Always on My Mind".
MagdalenMary495 (Donna) 30.12.2008 15:45
The Trial Of Dakota A sixteen-year-old girl is on trial for murder, but the Barkley's believe her to be innocent. They must prove her innocence, and protect her younger siblings from the true killer. blue firefly 1978 31.07.2006 17:43
True Friends [a Heath and Ezzy story] haplessharry 26.04.2007 10:20
True Lies   hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) 19.10.2009 22:19
Turn of Luck Of all the Heath episodes, I hated the ending to this one the most. Here's my fix -- a sequel to "Turn of a Card". heathspin (AKA Mrs JB) 30.06.2007 17:57
Two Wrongs Make a Right   tas 10.01.2012 21:39
Unexpected Gifts ["Someone For Everyone" - 4] Pykkadilly (Donna) 08.11.2011 18:47
Victorias Challenge Victoria gets angry with two of her boys. Barkley Lady (Cattis) 27.07.2007 01:48
Waiting For the War to End Heath Thomson and his twin sister Leah Beth get caught up in the "War Between the States" along with California and their brothers. Torie (Torie2) 10.11.2008 11:38
Wanted   Kellie (Kellie L., KellieAgain) 20.08.2008 02:47
The Wedding [In progress] sharie05 (Sandra Rogers)
What Binds Us All   LilyBitt (Lily B., LilyGirl) 23.10.2011 20:33
When My Heart Finds Christmas   Deirdre (DeirdreM) 25.02.2011 20:54
When You Wish Upon A Star Jessica and Jarrod's tale LodiLily (Ginger) 23.02.2007 17:36
A Widows Web   Janislou 08.04.2009 20:53
Winding Roads Lead Me Home Heath is the chief witness to murder. Jarrod is the chief prosecuting attorney. Nick comes along to protect both brothers. Will they make it to trial or will their trip take a deadly turn. topcat (brehan) 18.08.2008 16:00
Winner at a Losing game Heath as a con man caught up by the Barkley's as they reveal to him as his family. hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) 19.09.2009 15:45
The Winning Bet [sequel to "The Winning Bid" - currently in hiatus]
A hidden enemy spells trouble for Heath and the ranches prized Appaloosa Stallion as they compete in a 500 mile race.
catlee2 (Modocgal) 01.11.2005 02:18
A Winning Resolution   Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) 01.02.2009 21:54
Woman With A Past   sharon bubblegum popper 08.01.2006 13:10
Wonderful   Aunt Tora 21.12.2008 21:19
World on Fire (Previously Untitled) This is the second season revamped with Audra Anne. It's going to start with "The Lost Treasure". Torie (Torie2) 12.11.2006 16:52
You Raise Me Up [sequel to "Destiny"]
Heath struggles with prejudices from outside sources while he tries to adjust to his new life as a Barkley. This story continues where "Destiny" left off.
bonniech (Bonnie)
Your Heart Will Find a Home Starts after Hide the Children and inspired by Nick's comments in both this episode and Night of the Wolf that he has spent his life working but fears missing out on something more important. Story title is taken from Pilon's song. Barkley family. GypsyJinx 20.04.2012 00:00

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