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These pages are dedicated firstly to the 40 year old TV show "The Big Valley" that is still able to fascinate a big fan community, secondly to a great bunch of writers who keep that show alive by adding their own stories, and thirdly to the readers who enjoy show and stories and keep the writers going.

The Author's pages list their stories. The hosting site is given in parentheses behind the part number. I also provided a date, that shows when the story was posted or added to one of the archives/libraries (as far as I could find a date).

If you are looking for a story and don't know the author, try the alphabetical lists.

If you are looking for a special type of story, try the category lists.
But beware: Still, a large number of stories has not been categorized yet!

Here's also a list of unfinished stories, as far as I know about them.

These pages were created out of fun and originally for my personal and private use. Please keep in mind that I do not host any of these stories. These pages here will be updated only sporadically. So if you want to read the latest stories or want to contact the authors, please visit the forums/archives directly.

Editors note: So far, stories have been included until the end of 2013. Changes to the forums are more than likely!!!

For those of you who are interested in episode transcripts, here is my try on Palms of Glory and The Midas Man. Unfortunately I haven't got enough time to do more, so enjoy what I got. But, thanks to OpalGirl there's also the transcript of A Passage of Saints.

1262mac (Missy) 3Eve (Evelyn)    
Abigail of Dreamers Agnes (agniece) agrader amethystgl
amlapilusa (Adrianne) Amy Anarane Calafalas New AndyHood (MummyRules)
Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) Angelolyte angieBA Anita88
AnneWithane (Little Miss Hickock) AOE01 (Tracie) Ariadne ariannabarkley
arkangel36 AudraB Aunt Tora Aussie (Ro)
austentatious (Lynn) Austin Bay AzizalSaqr (JD)  
baddkid (Ruth) BamaJan 2 baqaqi (Eve) Barb
barkley07 BarkleyFan11 (aka Dreamer1985, Ghostwriter85) Barkley Lady (Cattis) Bet
Beth bigvalleygal Bluebell of Texas blue firefly 1978
bobbie jo 1977 bonniebee2003 bonniech (Bonnie) Bowbearer
BowValley brehan (topcat) Buckaroo42 BValleyReader (Vickie G.)
BVchica1345 (Livvie, Pixie02) bvfan61 bv girl BVLindaG (Linda, LindaG)
BVLynn (Lynn) BVMatriarch BVMom57 bvtwin (pam1)
CamRose CamRose and Shiningstar Carbs19 Carme (olivella)
carolinagirl76 (Carolina BVfan) cas Casey3043 catgirl63
catlee2 (Modocgal) Cattis (Barkley Lady) Chianna Chris
Christiangirl Christina (kronosxf) Christy (Angelme2u, Angelone) chronicler-of-knuckles
cindercat59 civilwargabigirl CJ and Tamsin Colleen17
CollieandShire CountryGirl (Sapphire Dawn) cowgirlatheart New Cruelest Sea
The Cryptkeepers curlylc1    
dale Dale (dale hls, Madge) Dannibeane New dcat
Debbie (docdeb) Deirdre (DeirdreM) Deirdre and Star Dianne & Keesha
diaxox (Vivian) dingdongbell DixieDarlin427 DJK
docdeb (Debbie) DocMerar Donna (MagdalenMary495) Donna (Pykkadilly)
donutsweeper doreliz dotti81 Dreamer1985 (aka BarkleyFan11, Ghostwriter85)
Dreamer1985 and Tauna DStarsFan101993 New dustimom10 dustymkl (Martina)
Dyce20 (MaryK)      
ebalston Ees Eire Rose Elayn
Ella3 ellegirl15kansas Evan Jane (kimberly kbj) Eve (baqaqi)
Evelyn (3Eve)      
fallingrock1 fozrulz Frauee  
Gail Gail Gardner (in Finland) (Ship's Cat) galloping mare geturkicks66 (aka klopeman)
Ghostwriter85 (aka Dreamer1985, BarkleyFan11) Ginger Ginger (LodiLily) grannyg49 (Gina)
haplessharry hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) hawkkk1 heart of Cathy (heartcat)
Heath4Me (Sandi H.) Heathen1 HeathFriend heathisforme (Leona)
Heathlover New heathrmine heathspin (aka Mrs JB) Heathwave
Heidi (lotr58) Helen (Helen J.) hesterwho HJana
HobbesGarfield HollyJeen honorahlmi (Nora) HOW/HOW2 (Ros)
HS English      
IcyWaters InlovewithJarrod (WesternFan47) New Isabellec ItsMeVictoriaB (aka Miss KatieBee)
Jamie (Roosgal) Jana Janet janetismyname (Janet Harbison)
Janislou Janissa (JanissaB, Janissa11) jans Jansusan
Jaqualyn Jarrod4Ever07 Jarrod Barkley Jarrodisforme
jarrodslady (Tracy) JBsAngel07 (Mary, aka MCOC007) JCat225 JD (AzizalSaqr)
Jellico Jelpy (Jana L Puckett) Jessie Lin Jobrat2
Jojo JolieHart (JBHart) Jordan Trevor New jRedwood (Redwood)
Judy (shiningstar5) jumpinrooster JV (JV04)  
K9Friend1 Kailaana Karen F kashkow1
KateHn (Kate Halleron) KateHn and SurprisedbyJoy Katlynn Katy
kaymo22 Keesha Kellie (Kellie L., KellieAgain) Kenda
kete kimberly kbj (Evan Jane) Kippling Croft KK
klopeman (aka geturkicks66) kronosxf (Christina)    
lady4heath lady800cc New LadyRaven lajuan
Laura Laura (OpalGirl10) Laura Anne Elizabeth Laurie Le May (StephGP)
Layla Leanne LeeForMe Leona (heathisforme)
liekanne New lil Didi LilyBitt (Lily B., LilyGirl) Linda (LindaG, BVLindaG)
LindaBrit (nlindabrit) LisaG8 lissa strawberrycake Little Miss Hickock (AnneWithane)
LittleRedhead Livvie (Pixie02, BVchica1345) lizstewartus LkeVelvet
LodiLily (Ginger) lokigal (loki twin) Long Tom LoriLee
lotr58 (Heidi) Luvnheath Lyn (mavisdavisxxx) Lynn (austentatious)
Lynn (BVLynn)      
Madge (Dale, dale hls) Madraf madraf44 MagdalenMary495 (Donna)
maggiecartwright Marci S. Maria Mars and Cat
Mars/Renee Martina (dustymkl) Mary Mary (JBsAngel07) & Judy
Mary and Suzanne MaryBeth MaryK (Dyce20) mavisdavisxxx (Lyn)
MCOC007 (Mary, aka JBsAngel07) merduff merr02 metcalf1991 (Sara)
Michelle (Ms Barkley) MirandaB Miss KatieBee (aka ItsMeVictoriaB) missmess11
Missy (1262mac) MizDiz (Sherry) mizmoo (Nancy) Modocgal (catlee2)
MollyMelrose momofthreegrls mrs jb (mrs jtb) MrsNickB (aka Mylady2)
Ms Barkley (Michelle) Muddle MummyRules (AndyHood) Mylady2 (aka MrsNickB)
Nadja (Nzie) NAHF Nancy (mizmoo) Nancy (Unicorn)
nebbyjen NickandHeath Nickfan NicksKatie
nicole g esq Nina nlindabrit (LindaBrit) Nora (honorahlmi)
Nora May French New NurseLady214 nutterone Nzie (Nadja)
ohmyjoy olivella (Carme) Only4Nick OpalGirl10 (Laura)
Ophir The Hill Gang      
Page PaloseRvrGal pam1 (bvtwin) patientgriselda
pattiheathen pattyk Paula PBHeath New
Pearl Peg (valleygirlnj) Pete Phoenix
Pineapple Angel 14 New Pipes of Pan Pippa (Rrund) Pixie02 (Livvie, BVchica1345)
Polly Cy The Posters (Tamsin and Bonniebee) Puff Spear Purty Lady
Pykkadilly (Donna)      
Rachel L Driscoll ranchgirl Redwood Redwood and Kat
Redwood and Linda Rendezvous With Danger New rkmuucgl Ro (Aussie)
Roosgal (Jamie) Ros (HOW/HOW2) Rosie247 Rothalion
Round Robin Rrund (Pippa) Ruth (baddkid)  
sadtomato7 Sandi H. (Heath4Me) Sandy sandy marek
Sapphire Dawn (CountryGirl) Sara (metcalf1991) sarr sbishoff
ScarlettCooper (Scarlett Elizabeth Cooper) schoolmarm sharie05 (Sandra Rogers) Sharon35
sharon bubblegum popper Sheep15 Sherry (MizDiz) shiningstar5 (Judy)
Ship's Cat (Gail Gardner (in Finland)) Silvia (silvia68, trekde) soho178 sophronia65
Sorrel ssigirl74 stacey256 Star
stardust99 StephGP (Laurie Le May) StocktonGirl SurprisedbyJoy
Susan Susie Coxen Suzanne Sweetspur
Tally tamsin1 tas Tauna and schoolmarm
Tauna Petit-Strawn Taylor terribird55 the other mrs barkley
TheSecondKnight tml14 TonySLASHGibbsLuver topcat (brehan)
Torie (Torie2) Torrie Tracie (AOE01) Tracy (jarrodslady)
trekde (Silvia, silvia68) tuffydog twisterram (Twister)  
Unicorn (Nancy)      
Valerie Valleycowgirl (aka ValleyGal) Valley Cyn Ann ValleyGal (Valleycowgirl)
valleygirlnj (Peg) ViChi (Vivian & Chiara) Vickie G. (BValleyReader) Vivian (diaxox)
weewillie WesternFan47 (InlovewithJarrod) New Whitney Wild West Chick (hawaiichick12)
WiniMari WynterSnow56    
ZeDancingHobbit New zephiey    

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