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Story Description Author Location(s)
Anna's Adventures: A Postscript This occurs a few years after the end of "Anna's Adventures". Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
Apparently with No Surprise This story takes place well before the events in "September". Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
The Attack Cat Arrives [A story within a story]
When a rat causes turmoil at the ranch, Heath decides to bring in a cat which turns out to be more than he bargained for --- a short comedy piece, about a day in the life of Heath and Nick. It is a part of a much longer saga, which I may never finish.
mavisdavisxxx (Lyn) THP
The Automobile   BowValley TWDTV
The Best Man Audra's wedding-planning difficulties Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
Between one Heartbeat and the Next   Maria TBL
Birthday Presence Jarrod is missing his late wife on her birthday. carolinagirl76 (Carolina BVfan) TWDTV
By Any Other Name ["Someone For Everyone" - 1] Pykkadilly (Donna) TWDBCD
The Case for Claus   mrs jb (mrs jtb) TWDTAV
Christmas Eve Coffee   docdeb (Debbie) TWDTV
Conversations with Doctor Randolph On various days of the first week that Victoria is home after she gains her freedom from the California State Women's Prison, Doctor Randolph has conversations with several different individuals. BVMatriarch TWDTA[C-E]
The Cyrano Syndrome ["Someone For Everyone" - 2] Pykkadilly (Donna) TWDTAB07
Dances in the Rain Each "chapter" will actually be short shorts on our favorite family, the Barkleys, and their lives following the years after the end of the show. Some will be funny and some more serious. Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
Dawn Dancer ["Someone For Everyone" - 3] Pykkadilly (Donna) TWDBCD
A Death Long Overdue A what if events in Jarrod's job came back to haunt the family, with devastating consequences. A dark story. Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTV
Detour: a September prequel This takes place after "The November Picnic" and "Apparently with no Surprise", but well before the events in "September". Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
Dignity   nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Done With Love   baddkid (Ruth) TWDTAV
Do Unto Others [MCC]
A continuation to the Season Three Episode "Flock of Trouble" in response to the Minor Character Story Challenge
bonniech (Bonnie) TWDTAC
Dreams to Come A look at the next generation. Deirdre (DeirdreM) TBL
The Eyes of the Dragon A visit to Jarrod by the Governor and an English gentleman along with the murders of two men who seem to have nothing in common set the Barkley on the trail of a missing English heir and a lost family heirloom. Aussie (Ro) TBL
Finally Free [MCC Challenge] baddkid (Ruth) TWDTAC
First Born   fallingrock1 TWDTAV
For All Eternity I wrote this thinking this might have happened on the show if it lasted through 1974 when we lost Richard Long. Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAV
Freedom is Precious Jarrod is framed for murder after he marries his college sweetheart. janetismyname (Janet Harbison) TBL
Full Circle Barkley descendents in 1933 save the ranch from the bank. weewillie TWDBCD
Funeral Conversations Following Victoria's death - six conversations featuring Jarrod and other members of the family. nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TBL
A Gift of Love A story of Heath's daughter and her horse. A continuation of "They Can't Make Me Love You" Nancy (Unicorn) TBL
Growing Season This story takes place after the end of the series. baddkid (Ruth) TWDSTA
Hearts of Old   Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTV
Heath's Promise A peek into Heath's future. Phoenix TBL
Here Comes Mr. Jordan: The BV Version Nick can not follow the rules in the afterlife. (Based on the 1941 movie.) weewillie TWDBCD
Hope Never Fades This story takes place just before the end of the WWl and second wave of the Spanish Flu. Valley Cyn Ann TWDSTA
In Trust Tragedy strikes the Barkley ranch. Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
I Remember It Well A look at growing old. Phoenix TBL
Last Will and Testament of Victoria Barkley (or Mommy Dearest Makes Good) Her last words Maria TBL
Letters, Visits and Conversations   BVMatriarch TWDTA[J-L]
Life Goes On [sequel to "Growing Season"] baddkid (Ruth) TWDSTA
Little Miss Audra   BowValley TWDTV
The Long Road Home Victoria is kidnapped and illegally placed in the California State Women's Prison, being held there for two and a half years under a false identity. BVMatriarch TWDTA[J-L]
The Milestone Audra's special brithday party. Barb TBL
Modoc Medicine The brothers join the Army to chase hostile Indians. Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
Never A Dull Moment   curlylc1 TWDTA[MN]
The November Picnic This story occurs well before the events in "September" and also before "Apparently with no Surprise". Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
Old Eyes   baddkid (Ruth) TWDTAV
The Omen Jarrod gets an unusual marriage proposal Page TBL
Outbursting of a Trodden Star This story takes place about 17 years after the series. Mary TBL
Out of the Darkness A look into Jarrod's family life. Janet TBL
Papillion Nick is warned about his future in-laws. Eve (baqaqi) TBL
The Price of the Dragon Following on ten years after the events told in "Eyes of the Dragon" Jed Samuelson is back and this time he means to break Heath Barkley. Aussie (Ro) TBL
The Price Paid Years later, Victoria speaks of her feelings about Heath. Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
Prisoner's Release A continuation of the story "Prisoners of Memory", set sixteen years later. Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
Prized Promises   docdeb (Debbie) TWDTA[O-R]
Remembrance [The Maggie Barkley Series]
A family tragedy affects the Barkleys: they struggle to get through a death in the family and share many memories.
LilyBitt (Lily B., LilyGirl) TBL
The Return Fifteen years after the last episode, the Barkley family is still reeling from the loss of a family member. Unexpected visitors, however, provide healing and hope for the future. KK TBL
The Revenge This continues KK's story "The Reunion", but it is 16 years later. The men who killed Heath's wife come back for him. Whitney TBL
The Roof Walker A look at the next generation of Barkleys; the adventures of Jarrod's eldest son. Valerie TBL
The Sampler While sitting with her newborn granddaughter Victoria discovers an item that puts to rest any fears she or Nick might have that Heath could leave. tml14 TWDTV
San Quentin Sequel to "The Secretary" - Jarrod is abducted and put in San Quentin prison under a false identity by someone trying to kill him. Page TBL
Second Chance After the death of his eight-year old daughter, Nick is granted a special wish. Livvie (Pixie02, BVchica1345) THP
The Second Doctor Barkley [MCC Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
The Secretary Heath asks Jarrod to defend a friend of his. Jarrod accepts the case when the client, Joe Briggs agrees to have Jarrod defend him in a pro bono case. Jarrod's client and Jarrod's new secretary lead Jarrod and Heath into danger. Page TBL
September The Barkley's become embroiled in a battle over water rights, while Heath struggles to raise a daughter. Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
September: A Postscript This story occurs a few years after the events in "September". Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
The Silence A trip to a mine changes the lives of the Barkleys Elayn TBL
Smoldering Embers   OpalGirl10 (Laura) TWDTV
Someday   carolinagirl76 (Carolina BVfan) TWDTV
Through The Years   carolinagirl76 (Carolina BVfan) TWDTV
To Have and To Hold A Barkley family wedding, set about fifteen years after the end of the series LoriLee TWDBCD
The True Nature of Courage Another Jarrod story with Sarah Faires, centering on Jarrod Barkley's indomitable courage as he battles corruption at the highest level. And Marsh Lonsdale gets what he deserves. nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TBL
Twenty-Five Years   baddkid (Ruth) TWDTAV
Under Green Grass   mizmoo (Nancy) TWDTV
Unexpected Gifts ["Someone For Everyone" - 4] Pykkadilly (Donna) - ? -
The Valley Revisited Thirty years later, the Barkleys gather to mourn a loss. Barb TBL
Winning the War A continuation of the fourth season episode "The Battle of Mineral Springs", set not long after the final episode of the series. LoriLee FFN


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