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Story Description Author Location(s)
Crossroads A what if from the "JOAQUIN" episode. Kailaana TWDTA[C-E]

A Flock of Trouble

Story Description Author Location(s)
Do Unto Others [MCC]
A continuation to the Season Three Episode "Flock of Trouble" in response to the Minor Character Story Challenge
bonniech (Bonnie) TWDTAC

Time After Midnight

Story Description Author Location(s)
Blind Man's Bluff Based on 'what if Jarrod had not regained his eyesight in Time After Midnight'. What could happen after Cunningham was dead, after the other two men had left etc etc Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
Clouded Perception [Time After Midnight - Missing Scene]
Jarrod's feelings on the first days of his blindness.
topcat (brehan) TWDTV
The Darkest Hour This story takes place immediately following the shooting of Cunningham in "Time After Midnight". For the purposes of this story, the final checkup in the doctor's office does not exist. tamsin1 THP
Fear Short shot off the episode Time After Midnight. Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
Let It Go A conversation that might have taken place had Jarrod not regained his eyesight in the episode "Time After Midnight". - A short drabble. Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
Sometime afther the midnaight   cas TWDTV
To Face a New Day [Time After Midnight] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAV

Night in a Small Town

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Girl from Denver A take on Night in a Small Town Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDBCD


Story Description Author Location(s)
Embers [A missing scene from Explosion!]
What happened after Nick and Jarrod freed Heath from under the tree?
catlee2 (Modocgal) THP
Good Courage   docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAV

Night of the Executioner

Story Description Author Location(s)
Hero of Pinewood Heath finds life is not the same after "Night of the Excuetioner" and finding the Senator's killer. Heath is on a whirlwind tour leading him to the White House and President Grant. hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) TWDTA[G-I]

Journey Into Violence

Story Description Author Location(s)
Beyond Violence   HOW/HOW2 (Ros) TWDTV
Journey Into Light This is an alternate ending to the episode "Journey Into Darkness". docdeb (Debbie) TWDTA[J-L]
Journey Into Violence This is a what happens next for the season 3 episode, Journey Into Violence. It takes up where they ride away from the camp. Colleen17 FFN
Journey into Violence~Epilogue This story takes place directly after the episode of the same name and tells what Heath and the family might have gone through after the episode. Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTA[J-L]

The Good Thieves

Story Description Author Location(s)
Good Samaritans   Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN

Days of Wrath

Story Description Author Location(s)
After the Days of Wrath   docdeb (Debbie) TWDTA[A]
After Wrath reflection on Jarrod's thoughts after "Days of Wrath" HobbesGarfield TWDTAV
A Blessing In Disguise a 'what if...' story based on "Days of Wrath" LoriLee FFN
Bringing a Brother Home Sometimes going home is the first step on the road to recovery. This is a short story set at the end of "Days of Wrath". Jordan Trevor FFN
Days of Remorse   DixieDarlin427 TWDTV
Days of Wrath II, Walk by the Dark Ways A continuation of the episode, "Days of Wrath" Chris TBL
Hardly Forgotten Jarrod finally finds the strength to go stands by Beth's grave and talk privately to her. Dreamer1985 (aka BarkleyFan11, Ghostwriter85) FFN
The hunt for Jarrod Barkley [Days of Wrath]
This story picks up just after Jarrod leaves home to find the killer of his 4 day bride, Beth.
lady800cc TWDTC
The Ride Home A continuation of the episode Days Of Wrath. Heath and Nick escort Jarrod back to Stockton, but struggle to find a way to help their big brother. lil Didi FFN
The Second Time Around Jarrod Barkley has a very hard time after the loss of his beloved wife, Beth. The Barkley Clan is worried about their 'Pappy', since he hasn't been himself since her death. Something WILL happen to change that and possibly change Jarrod in the process. Christiangirl - ? -

Fall of a Hero

Story Description Author Location(s)
Fallen Hero, Honorable Brother "Fall of a Hero" is another episode that seemed to need more to wrap it up. This short story tries to do that and also allows me to highlight the relationship between Jarrod and Heath. docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAV
Through Native Eyes Charlie Whitehorse's thoughts just before he died in episode "Fall of A Hero" Layla THP

A Bounty on a Barkley

Story Description Author Location(s)
Layle   Nickfan TWDTV

Devil's Masquerade

Story Description Author Location(s)
Before and After the Devil's Masquerade The Devil's Masquerade is one of the episodes that left me with many unanswered questions. This short story if my attempt to answer those questions. docdeb (Debbie) TWDVP
Condolences This story takes place after the episode "Devil's Masquerade" nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL


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