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"Finish the Story" Challenge

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Accident [Jarrod Barkley ~ Attorney at Law Years]
Written in response to a writing challenge by Linda, who wrote the first paragraph.
janetismyname (Janet Harbison) THP
Desert Wonderings (aka Suzie) The first paragraph is by Linda, who started this "finish the story" challenge. A Jarrod story. Nzie (Nadja) THP
Unsung Hero A short story written in response to a "first paragraph" Writing Challenge. LilyBitt (Lily B., LilyGirl) THP

500-word Christmas story Challenge

Story Description Author Location(s)
A Barkley Holiday Evening This was my contribution to a challenge on The Writing Desk - A Christmas Story with the whole family in it under 500 words. Pearl THP
Christmas Memories This short story was written in response to a challenge to write a 500-word Christmas story that included all members of the Barkley family. Katlynn THP

Valentines Challenge

Story Description Author Location(s)
Who's Sonja? [Valentines Challenge] catgirl63 THP

"Brilliant Scheme" Challenge

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Promise of Gold This short story was written in response to a writing challenge. The italicised text was provided as the starter. This was conceived as a longer story, but since I may never get to complete it, this 'tempter' is posted. mavisdavisxxx (Lyn) - ? -
Promises (aka Breaking a Deal) ["Brilliant Scheme" Challenge]
Nick tries to pull one over.
Nzie (Nadja) THP
Provoking Nick Nick meet a woman who challenges him in every way. (Written in response to a "first paragraph - finish the story" challenge.) Jojo THP

400-word Word Challenge

Write a 400-word story that included the following four words: anesthesia, eclipse, hot-air balloon and ornithorhynchus.

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Grand Opening [Word Challenge] catgirl63 THP
Insanity (A Freund in Need)   Mars and Cat THP
We Did What! This story was written in response to a challenge to write a 400-word story that included the following four words: anesthesia, eclipse, hot-air balloon and ornithorhynchus. Katlynn THP

100 Word Challenge

Write a "mini-scene" that is complete in itself using approximately 100 words.

Story Description Author Location(s)
The 100 Word Challenges Challenge: Write a "mini-scene" that is complete in itself using approximately 100 words. Round Robin TBL

New Year's Eve 1899 Challenge

Story Description Author Location(s)
Passages Hello all! We (Suzanne and Mary) got together and merged our 'alternative universes' in order to bring you all a story in response to Kellie's challenge for a New Year's Eve 1899 story. Mary and Suzanne TBL

"Brother shot Brother" Challenge

There was an opening paragraph and people had to carry on from there. The writer got to choose which brother shot which.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Double Bluff My contribution to a writing challenge we did about four years ago. nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Trial by Fire A Response to Linda's Challenge. Aussie (Ro) TBL

"Day in the Life" writing challenge

Story Description Author Location(s)
Dear Louisa A letter back East in response to "A Day In the Life" Writing Challenge. LilyBitt (Lily B., LilyGirl) THP

"Three witches" Halloween Challenge

A few years back, a Halloween Writing Challenge was posted providing an opening paragraph and inviting writers to put their own twist on it and finish the story.

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Barkley's Nightmare Before Christmas [Halloween challenge] amlapilusa (Adrianne) TWDTA[B]
Beloved Son [Halloween Challenge: Ghost of the Three Paths - Story Two] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) THPCP
Brothers in Arms or The Disappearance [Halloween Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) THPCP
The Chosen One [Halloween Challenge] K9Friend1 TWDTAC
Forget Me Not [Halloween Challenge] Katlynn THPCP
Halloween Challenge   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTAC
Hell Hath No Velvet Trap By Fires Unseen [Halloween Challenge]
Heath encounters strange happenings one dark and stormy night.
MrsNickB (aka Mylady2) THPCP
The Importance of Being Nick [Halloween Challenge] LilyBitt (Lily B., LilyGirl) THPCP
Jarrod's visit to Salem [Halloween Challenge] mizmoo (Nancy) TWDTAC
Pride and Joy [Halloween Challenge: Ghost of the Three Paths - Story Three] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) THPCP
Three Chances [Halloween Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
Tormented [Halloween Challenge] HeathFriend THPCP
Turnabout [A Halloween Challenge Story] Casey3043 TWDTAC
We Meet Again [Halloween Challenge: Ghost of the Three Paths - Story One] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) THPCP

300 word Ficlet Challenge

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Cattle Drive [WC - under 300 words] heathisforme (Leona) TWDTAC
Don't Worry. Be Happy! [300 word Ficlet] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Girlhood's End [300 word Ficlet Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Got a Minute, Lord? [300 word ficlet] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Home [300 Word Ficlet Challenge] BVMom57 TWDTAC

Word Challenge

Write a story that incorporates the words 'sushi', 'walrus', 'submarine', 'lunatic asylum', 'puce', and 'Oscar Wilde'.

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Attic [WC] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
The Big Dance [Challenge Story] BVMom57 TWDTAC
Creatively Speaking [WC] baddkid (Ruth) TWDTAC
The Decision [WC] heathisforme (Leona) TWDTAC
The Fall [WC] BamaJan 2 TWDTAC
The Horrors! [Word Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
I know you THINK you understand... [WC]
related to "The Wish"
Katlynn THP
The Initiation (Young Barkley Boys) [WC] MagdalenMary495 (Donna) THP
Newsflash [Word Challenge] tamsin1 TWDTAC
Parenting Skills [WC]
A short story about Colleen Barkley coming of age from the Nick and Laura Sagas.
MrsNickB (aka Mylady2) TWDTAC
The Puce Party [WC] BamaJan 2 TWDTAC
The Puce Walrus [WC] BamaJan 2 TWDTAC
The San Joaquin County Exposition [Challenge] catgirl63 TWDTAC
The Submarine [WC] BamaJan 2 TWDTAC
The Wager [WC] CamRose THP

Minor Character Challenge

Story Description Author Location(s)
Do Unto Others [MCC]
A continuation to the Season Three Episode "Flock of Trouble" in response to the Minor Character Story Challenge
bonniech (Bonnie) TWDTAC
The Eternal Optimist [Minor Character Challenge] tamsin1 TWDTAC
Father and Son [MCC Challenge] JV (JV04) THP
Finally Free [MCC Challenge] baddkid (Ruth) TWDTAC
Full Circle [MCC] Katlynn THP
The Journal [MCC] bonniebee2003 TWDTAC
Leah's Journal [MCC Challenge] dotti81 TWDTAC
A Letter from Elaine [MCC challenge] ebalston TWDTAC
Look Who's Talking to the Barkleys! [MCC Challenge] BVMom57 TWDTAC
Moons [MCC challenge] Mars and Cat TWDTAC
Remembering [MCC Challenge] Ella3 TWDTAC
Sam I Am [MCC] CamRose THP
Sam Sam Railman [MCC Challenge] mavisdavisxxx (Lyn) TWDTAC
The Second Doctor Barkley [MCC Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Stranger Than Fiction [MCC] DocMerar TWDTAC
The Wallflower [MCC]
A short story from "The Jonah".
MrsNickB (aka Mylady2) TWDTAC
The Wolf's Testimony [MCC Challenge]
Iron Box related story / This is a prequel to a story called "Pride".
nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL

Halloween "Word" Challenge

Story Description Author Location(s)
The elixir [HSC] angieBA TWDTAC
The End of the Monster [HSC] MollyMelrose TWDTAC
Halloween's Wrath [HSC] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAC
A Little Valley Time [Halloween Story Challenge (HSC)]
Behind the scenes look in a TV studio.
MrsNickB (aka Mylady2) TWDTAB
The Missing Hat [HSC] The Posters (Tamsin and Bonniebee) TWDTAC
The Molly Malone [Halloween Story Challenge] BVMom57 TWDTAV
Monkey Business [Halloween Story Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
My Husband's HSC [HSC] tamsin1 TWDTAC
The Party Fiasco [Halloween Challenge] baddkid (Ruth) TWDTAC

Doctor Challenge

Nicks reaction to a female doctor..more to the point his reaction when he is in a situation he really has no real control over..

The idea. Nick is on a cattle drive, or in a strange town whatever. and is injuried, taken sick, this is up to you how he gets to the doctors office.

Does he let her do what has to be done, insist he can wait til he gets home...Passes out and dose not get a vote???

MUST HAVE....The shingle on the office has to have E.J. Barton MD on it. and no way for Nick to know Barton is a female till the last moment, When she introduces herself as Dr.Elizabeth Jules Barton.

The story title has to be E.J. Barton MD. so everyone will know the story is from here. You can make it as long as you want. Just don't kill her off.

Story Description Author Location(s)
E.J. Barton M.D. [The Doctor Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
The Hind-Side [E.J. Barton, M.D. Challenge] WiniMari TWDTA[C-E]

55 Word Challenge

The story must have a setting, character(s), conflict and resolution and must be 55 words OR LESS. The title is NOT included in your 55 words.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Another Day [55 Word Challenge] Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTC
The Barkley Luck [55 word Challenge]
A bit on Heath crossing the tracks before the train...
Valley Cyn Ann TWDTAC
The Beginning [55 Word Challenge] 3Eve (Evelyn) TWDTAC
Brothers Barkley [55 word Challenge] BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
The Cat [55 Word Challenge] kaymo22 TWDTAC
Courageous Spirits [55 Word Challenge] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAC
Day's End [55 Word Challenge] Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTC
The Decision [55 word challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
Dickering [55 Word Challenge] mrs jb (mrs jtb) TWDTAC
The End [55 Word Challenge] ItsMeVictoriaB (aka Miss KatieBee) TWDTAC
The End/The Beginning [55 Word Challenge] LodiLily (Ginger) TWDTAC
Eyes [55 challenge] valleygirlnj (Peg) TWDTAC
Falling Into The Arms of Fate [55 Word Challenge] LodiLily (Ginger) TWDTAC
Finding What Matters [55 Word Challenge] BVMom57 TWDTAC
Forgiveness [55 Word Story] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTC
Forgiving [55 word Challenge] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAC
Forgiving Father [55 Word Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
For the first time [55 Word Challenge] olivella (Carme) TWDTC
Goodbye [55 word challenge] valleygirlnj (Peg) TWDTAC
Guilt [55 word challenge] Livvie (Pixie02, BVchica1345) TWDTAC
Gun Fire [55 Word Challenge] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAC
He's Leaving Home [55 Word Challenge] CamRose TWDTAC
His Friend [55 word challenge] dustymkl (Martina) TWDTAC
If Only... [55 Word Challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
It's All In the Game [55 Word Challenge] CamRose TWDTAC
Jarrod's dilemma [55 Word Challenge] grannyg49 (Gina) TWDTC
The Meeting Between Two Brothers [55 word challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
Moment of Acceptance [55 word challenge] stacey256 TWDTAC
My Son [55 Word Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
On Top of Old Stogies [55 Word Challenge] MollyMelrose TWDTAC
Rescued [55 Word Challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
Revenge or Peace? [55 Word Challenge] pattyk TWDTAC
Riding Toward Destiny [55 Word Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTC
The Sacrifice (?) [55 Word Challenge] kaymo22 TWDTAC
Separate Ways [55 word challenge] valleygirlnj (Peg) TWDTAC
Sixty Days [55 Word Challenge] terribird55 TWDTAC
The Solution [55 word challenge] CamRose TWDTAC
Stalemate [55 Word Challenge] catgirl63 TWDTAC
Steak [55 Word Challenge] Amy TWDTAC
Strong Fingers [55 word challenge] PaloseRvrGal TWDTC
Success [55 word challenge story] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
The telegram [55 word Challenge] Roosgal (Jamie) TWDTAC
Tracy Takes The Cake [55 Word Challenge] LodiLily (Ginger) TWDTAC
Unrequited Love [55 Word Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Untitled [55 Word Challenge] 3Eve (Evelyn) TWDTAC
Untitled [55 Word Challenge] bvfan61 TWDTAC
Untitled [55 Word Challenge] hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) TWDTC
Untitled [55 word challenge] Livvie (Pixie02, BVchica1345) TWDTAC
Last shot at the 55 word challenge - Untitled [55 word challenge] Livvie (Pixie02, BVchica1345) TWDTAC
Victoria's Lament [55 Word Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTC
Victoria's Ponderings [55 Word Challenge] BVMatriarch TWDTC
A Victory for Brotherhood [55 Word Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Welcome [55 word challenge] valleygirlnj (Peg) TWDTAC
What to Wear to the dance   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
Widow's Web [55 Word Challenge] Amy TWDTAC

Alphabet or 26 Word Challenge

Write a 26-word BV "story" in which each word begins with a different letter of the alphabet ... but the words don't have to be in alphabetical order unless you really want to try that.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Alphabet Challenge   Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTC
Alphabet challenge   Polly Cy TWDTC
Alphabet Challenge   StephGP (Laurie Le May) TWDTC
alphabet challenge   jans TWDTC
The Bargain [26 Word Challenge] BVMom57 TWDTAC
The Barkley Family Band [Alphabet Challenge] MollyMelrose TWDTAC
The Barkley Family Band: A Critical Review [Alphabet Challenge] MollyMelrose TWDTAC
The Barkleys [Alphabet Challenge] cowgirlatheart TWDTC
From a Farmgirl [Alphabet Challenge] pattyk TWDTAC
Lost in translation: Merry X-Mas [Alphabet challenge] Polly Cy TWDTC
Meeting [Alphabet challenge] valleygirlnj (Peg) TWDTAC
Skepticism [Alphabet Challenge] Katlynn TWDTAC
Subject-Gene [Alphabet Challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTC
26 Word Challenge in Order - Untitled [26 Word Challenge] dustimom10 TWDTAC
A Shot at the 26 word Challenge - Untitled [26 word Challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
Untitled [26 Word Challenge] kaymo22 TWDTAC
ABC's 26 - Untitled [Alphabet or 26 Word Challenge] MrsNickB (aka Mylady2) TWDTAC
Untitled [26 Word Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Untitled [26 challenge] valleygirlnj (Peg) TWDTAC
Another try at the 26 worder - Untitled [26 Word Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
26 word challenge - in order too! - Untitled [26 word challenge] terribird55 TWDTAC
Welcome, Stranger [Alphabet Challenge] pattyk TWDTAC

Haiku Challenge

Wondered how you all would do with doing Haiku Poems for BV. The idea is 5-7-5.

The first line must be five syllables
The second line must be seven syllables
The third line must be five syllables

Story Description Author Location(s)
Confession [Haiku] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
Haiku (attempt) [Haiku] terribird55 TWDTAC
New Challegen...BV Haiku [Haiku Challenge] Valley Cyn Ann TWDTAC
Haikus [Haiku Challenge] Livvie (Pixie02, BVchica1345) TWDTAC
Haikus (part 2) [Haiku Challenge] Livvie (Pixie02, BVchica1345) TWDTAC
In Haiku Heaven [Haiku Challenge] pattyk TWDTAC
Mediator [Haiku] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
A Possible Tom [Haiku] lokigal (loki twin) TWDTAC
Puzzle [Haiku] pattyk TWDTAC
Return [Haiku] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Twist of Fate [Haiku] Valley Cyn Ann TWDTAC

Silly Stereotype Challenge

Find the stereotype and bust it. Make Audra large and brainy and in charge... or ugly. Make Victoria timid. Make Heath horrible with horses or downright mean. Make Nick shy. Put Ciego and Silas in charge of the ranch. Dare I say it... make Jarrod dumb. Doesn't have to be long, but I have a feeling it could be fun...

Story Description Author Location(s)
All About Gene [SSC] valleygirlnj (Peg) TWDTAC
The Barkley Legacy [Silly Stereotype Challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
Gene Pool [SSC] MollyMelrose TWDSTA
Heath's hungry [Silly Stereotype challange] Roosgal (Jamie) TWDTAC
Nightmare [Silly Stereotype Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
Rendezvous of Redemption [Silly Stereotype Challenge] LodiLily (Ginger) TWDTAC
What Happened to the Barkleys? [Silly Stereotype Challenge] sophronia65 TWDTAC

Alliterative Challenge

Write a short (short) story with as many words as possible beginning with the same letter.

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Letter A [The Alliterative Challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
The Letter B [Alliterative Challenge] LodiLily (Ginger) TWDTAC
B for Beautiful Barkley Boys [Alliterative Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
Alliteration - C [Alliterative Challenge] K9Friend1 TWDTAC
"D" [Alliterative Challenge] MollyMelrose TWDTAC
Eugene's Exit [Alliterative Challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
The Letter H, a recycle one [The Alliterative Challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
J for Justice and Jarrod! [The Alliterative Challenge] mrs jb (mrs jtb) TWDTAC
N is for nuts [Alliterative challenge] Roosgal (Jamie) TWDTAC
The Letter S [The Alliterative Challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
The Letter "S" [The Alliterative Challenge] Katlynn TWDTAC

Guardian Angel Challenge

You're a Barkley Guardian Angel

You have a bad 48 hours trying to keep them from doing something dangerous or stupid.

Do you give up and say ok what ever happens is on your head, or do you go the extra mile?

Do you leave them a note saying you think you should be paid hazard pay?

You are either the spirit type or someone they know but can't be seen doing whatever to keep them safe

Or you could do a couple GA trying to keep them safe like pair up Nicks and Heaths or Audra and Victorias, Jarrods and Eugenes however...

Or maybe have a couple of them getting together for a cup of coffee during the night when the watchee is sleeping and they are talking about the adventures they tried to stop them from taking.

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Barkley Luck [GAC] JBsAngel07 (Mary, aka MCOC007) TWDTAC
Complaints Department [Guardian Angel Challenge] haplessharry TWDTAC
Free Will and a Little Shove [Guardian Angel Challenge] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAC
Hoofs 'n Halos [G.A.C.] MollyMelrose TWDTAC
An Irate Father [Guardian Angel Challenge] haplessharry TWDTAC
Request Denied [Guardian Angel Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC

Hero Challenge

Write a short story or a longer one, but it must be based on the topic of "Hero" or "Heroes," and it must contain the following:

1) At least one non-family member OC (Other Character) from the episodes,
2) Dialogue between brothers, and
3) Some part in which one member of the Barkley family does or says something that is out of character.

Story Description Author Location(s)
All Kinds of Heroes [Heroes Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
The Cowboy and the Cross [Hero Challenge] Deirdre (DeirdreM) TWDSTA
An Everyday Hero ... The Hoarse Whisperer [Hero Challenge] MollyMelrose TWDTAC
Handsome Heroes [Hero Challenge] Roosgal (Jamie) TWDTAC
A Hero's Mask [Hero Challenge] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAC
Reluctant Hero [Hero Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
An Uncommon Hero [Hero's Challenge] JBsAngel07 (Mary, aka MCOC007) TWDTAC

Not Again 500 Word Challenge

Write a story beginning with the phrase NOT AGAIN in 500 words...or a little over.

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Actor [Not Again] LodiLily (Ginger) TWDTAC
After The Fire! [NOT AGAIN] Jansusan TWDTAC
Backstage [Not Again] LodiLily (Ginger) TWDTAC
Bad Dreams [NOT AGAIN] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
Bad Memories ["Not Again!"] amlapilusa (Adrianne) TWDTAC
Coco, Not Again [Not Again 500 Word Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
A Flock of Trouble [Not Again] CamRose TWDTAC
The Headline [Not Again] JBsAngel07 (Mary, aka MCOC007) TWDTAC
The Iron Box [Not Again] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAC
Just Desserts [Not Again] CamRose TWDTAC
Long Day's Journey Home [a Not Again sequel to "Long Day's Journey into Violence"]
The thoughts of three brothers as they ride home, following Heath's rescue from religious zealots.
austentatious (Lynn) TWDTAC
Long Day's Journey into Violence [a Not Again story]
Heath is captured by religious zealots, and faces a familiar punishment.
austentatious (Lynn) TWDTAC
My Son My Son [Not Again] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAC
Nick Barkley's Lament [Not Again Challenge] MollyMelrose TWDTAC
Nick Barkley's Lament - The Sequel [Not Again Challenge] MollyMelrose TWDTAC
Nick's Acceptance [Not Again] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAC
Not Again [Not Again Challenge] Carbs19 TWDTAC
Not Again [Not Again Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
Not Again [500 Word Challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
Not Again [500 Word Challenge] K9Friend1 TWDTAC
Not Again [Not Again Challenge] maggiecartwright TWDTAC
Poker ["Not Again!"] amlapilusa (Adrianne) TWDTAC
The Prodigal [Not Again!]
When a stranger shows up to claim his birthright, the Barkley brothers don't think much of his claim.
austentatious (Lynn) TWDTAC
Real Men Don't Ask for Directions ["Not Again!"] amlapilusa (Adrianne) TWDTAC
Sheriff's surprise [Not again challenge] Roosgal (Jamie) TWDTAC
Silas, Come Home! [Not Again Challenge] jRedwood (Redwood) TWDTAC
Sippin' da Sauce ["Not Again" challenge] sophronia65 TWDTAC
Those Darn Rules! [Not Again] Katlynn THP
The Town Dentist [Not Again] LodiLily (Ginger) TWDTAC
The Trouble With Darla! [Not Again!] Jansusan TWDTAC

Challenge "And Then..."

I've typed out a short introduction. I tried to make it as vague as possible so you can mold it into whatever kind of fic you want. The town, time of year and characters are not given. That was on purpose so you can choose whatever scenario you wish (Jarrod and Nick in Denver in ahotel the winter, Heath and Nick in an old house in Mexico in summer, etc.)
You read the intro and write what happens next, i.e 'and then'.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Betrayal [CATTALE] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
The Hen from Nowhere, or, Annie Laurie Grabs the Brass Ring [CAT TALE]
This is the fourth post in the Chicken Ranch series. This tale provides some of the back-story for the previous three Hen Tales.
dingdongbell TWDTAB06
The Hen Merchants, or Tom and Howard Hatch an Egg [CAT TALE]
Second in the Chicken Ranch Series, a prequel of sorts to "Hens with My Father's Name". As a matter of convenience, Tom and Howard go into the whorehouse business.
austentatious (Lynn) TWDTAB06
Hens With My Father's Name, or, Doc Merar Prescribes a Cure [CAT TALE]
Pilot story for the Chicken Ranch Series. A satire in which Gene sees more than he bargained for when he visits the fine ladies at Miss Annabelle's Piney Woods Chicken Ranch. Who looks pretty in pink?
austentatious (Lynn) TWDSTA
Nick's Lament [CAT TALE] Deirdre (DeirdreM) TWDTAC
Our Little Secret [Cattale] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Pretty In Pink [CATTALE] LodiLily (Ginger) TWDTAC
The Problem [CAT TALE] K9Friend1 TWDTAC
The Profit and the Hen, or Don't Count Your Eggs Before They are Hatched [CAT TALE]
Third in the Chicken Ranch Series. Annabelle throws the decorators off the Chicken Ranch. Complete with historical footnotes and explanations for many Unsolved Mysteries of the Barkley variety.
austentatious (Lynn) TWDTAB06
Saying Goodbye... [CATTALE] NurseLady214 TWDTAC
The Younger Brother [CAT TALE] JBsAngel07 (Mary, aka MCOC007) TWDTAC

What's In A Name Challenge

Write a story that includes a LESSER character from another TV western. It can be either male or female, good or bad or even the alias name of the character, but the written character must be true to the TV character. By lesser I mean not a main character such as Cheyenne Bodie, Bronco Laine etc. They are too easy to pick up. More than one character can be used in a story.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Girl Power [What's in a Name Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL

Time Travel writing challenge

Anyone here considering the challenge of sending a thoroughly modern 2006 woman back to the Barkley ranch?

Story Description Author Location(s)
Kevin [A Time Travel Challenge Story] Casey3043 TWDTAC
Time Travel [Time Travel writing challenge] StocktonGirl TWDTAC

Happy Healthy Heath Challenge

Write a short story with Heath as the main character in which he does not get hurt physically and any emotional pain is minimal, nothing over the top. To make it even more of a challenge (the above may sound impossible, but really it isn't) use the phrase "This too shall pass" somewhere in the story.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Bad Day for Big Red [HHH Challenge] Casey3043 TWDTAC
Boy Howdy, Nick had him a day!   valleygirlnj (Peg) TWDTV
A Glorious Weekend [HHH] mizmoo (Nancy) TWDTAC
Happy Healthy Heath Goes to Town [HHH] K9Friend1 TWDTAC
Happy Healthy Heath Helps His Family [Challenge] NurseLady214 TWDTAC
Heath's Lucky Break [HHH] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
It's a Wonderful Life [HHH] MollyMelrose TWDTAC
Precious Little Time [HHH] WiniMari TWDTAC
The Prognosis [Heath Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
A Safe Place [HHH Challenge] LeeForMe TWDTAC
Three Months [Happy Healthy Heath Challenge] amlapilusa (Adrianne) TWDTAC
What's In A Name? [HHH Challenge] CamRose TWDTAC

Eugene Challenge

How about some stories where Eugene is the main character? He can be any age, and he is the only family member who HAS to be in the story, but of course the other brothers are welcome.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Eugene's Big News [Eugene Challenge] K9Friend1 TWDTAC
Eugene's Homecoming for Linda's picture challenge Heath4Me (Sandi H.) THP
Hopes and Dreams [Eugene Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
The Island of the Misfit Characters [Gene Challenge] MollyMelrose TWDTAC
The Ransom [Eugene Challenge] Casey3043 TWDTAC
Time to Fly [Eugene Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL

Slang Challenge

I've got a bee in my bonnet -- how's about seeing who can spin a yarn with the most Old West Slang? There's a few guides 'round these parts, 'specially if you mosey down to the card catalog or go a'Googlin' for some o'that 19th century lingo. Anything, short or long, makes a good entry, and I'll bet some of you'll beat the Dutch, you're such fine writers. So whether you've got the big sugar airin' his lungs while wadin' through beef tea, or you put Heath in his best bib and tucker for a shin-dig, or even if you dare to put Jarrod in bat wings, you won't be barkin' at the knot, as long as you've got a story line in there to boot. So give it more than a lick and a promise. Why, we're itchin' to read your tale! (I just hope you won't put any of our boys in the boot yard -- though I guess you don't have to keep 'em above snakes!)

Story Description Author Location(s)
DWI ["Boys Will Be Boys" series - 1 / Slang Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
End of the Line [Slang Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL

Ad Challenge

You work for a news paper and it's up to you to write up an ad for some part of the Barkleys business.. ie. Jarrod's Law Office....the Wine, Peaches, the beef. lol Audras Pickles..

Pick something and do a 50 words or less ad for it.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Ad Challenge   3Eve (Evelyn) TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   CamRose TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   Carbs19 TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   Casey3043 TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   heathrmine TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   K9Friend1 TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   LodiLily (Ginger) TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   lokigal (loki twin) TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   metcalf1991 (Sara) TWDTC
Ad Challenge   MollyMelrose TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Ad Challenge   NurseLady214 TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   PaloseRvrGal TWDTAC
Ad Challenge   Sheep15 TWDTAC
Ad challenge   sophronia65 TWDTAC

She Said Heath Challenge

The only requirement in the story is that the phrase 'she said Heath' is used. More than once is great. You can write about any situation you want but some female has to utter his name or someone has to say that a female did.

Story Description Author Location(s)
All For One [She Said Heath Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Saturday Night [A SSH Challenge] haplessharry TWDTAB07
She DIDN'T Say Heath [SSH Challenge] austentatious (Lynn) TWDTAC
She Said Heath [SSH Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
She Said Heath [SSH Challenge] Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTAC
She Said Heath [SSH Challenge] haplessharry TWDTAC
She Said "Heath." [SSH Challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTAC
She Said Heath [SSH Challenge] Jansusan - ? -
She Said Heath - Story 2 [SSH Challenge] haplessharry TWDTAC
She Said Heath 2 [SSH Challenge]
A little humorous tell of a Banter between Nick and Heath because of Nick's grandchild's first word.
Valleycowgirl (aka ValleyGal) TWDTAC
A Treasure Born [She Said Heath] Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTC

Cousin Alma Challenge

In "Lightfoot" Jarrod asks Walter if the stage from Lodi will be on time.

Walter says "you meeting that cousin of yours from up North?"

To which Jarrod replies "No, no I"m happy to say dear Alma doesn't visit us until next month."

That's the only mention of her that I know of, I think it would be fun to see short stories that show why Cousin Alma's visit is so unfavorable to the Barkley or Jarrod.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Alma Alert [Cousin Alma Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
The Alma Letters [Cousin Alma Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
The Question of Alma [Cousin Alma Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL

Chatroom "Kilt" Challenge

Write a story where the boys have to wear a Kilt, either all together, or alone, but they have to have a kilt on...

Story Description Author Location(s)
And the ushers wore... [Chatroom Challenge] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAC
Tripped up by one word [Chatroom Challenge]
Jarrod ends up in a kilt for not getting a word right.
Valley Cyn Ann TWDTAC

Birds and Bees Challenge

Write a story where one character is telling some other character about the birds and the bees. Make adult Nick lecture adult Heath about the 'birds and bees' thing, Heath humming the melody ever after (altough the song was not known back then, so take your liberties). Let Tom tell any of the boys. Let little Audra tell little Eugene, or any of the characters to their own children or ... Make it short or long, make it sweet, sillific or ...
You only have to use the words 'Let me tell ya 'bout the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees' somewhere in it.

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Birds and the Bees   docdeb (Debbie) TWDTA[B]
The birds and the bees [Birds and Bees Challenge]
Nick tries to explain where babies come from.
Valley Cyn Ann TWDTAC
The First Kiss [The birds and the bees challenge]
Nick's first kiss didn't go as smoothly as one would imagine.
dustymkl (Martina) TWDTAC

Partners Challenge

The honor of your participation
In a new Corral Challenge
Is humbly requested by
Linda and Redwood.

We have so enjoyed our partnership
In writing together,
We would like to encourage others
Here in our valley
To join ranks, pair up, or herd together
To create a new story, partner-style.

That's it, no other requirements, only that
You write at least a single-post story
In tandem with at least one other
Writer for others to read.

Oh, and you do need to identify the two or more writers involved,
at least by the end of the story.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Nighttime Encounter Thanks to Linda and Red's challenge we have written the following short story to explain what we felt was a missing scene in "The Martyr" episode. Mary (JBsAngel07) & Judy TWDTAV

Christmas Challenge

Do a story on Nick trying to convince a kid he is not ST. NICK just because his name is Nick, esp after something wonderful happens cos Nick happens to be in the same place at the time it happens.
Or how about a one-post Christmas story challenge? Either tackling the St. Nick idea or some own idea.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Christmas Spirit [Christmas Challenge]
Nick becomes St Nick for a little spirit.
Valley Cyn Ann TWDSTA
Saint Nick? [Xmas Challenge] geturkicks66 (aka klopeman) TWDTC
The Soldier [A Christmas Challenge Story] Casey3043 TWDTAC
Surrender the Queen - Sneak Peak [Christmas literary challenge] Purty Lady TWDTC

Dr. Barkley Challenge

Eugene has graduated, he is ready to set up his office...Soooo

Dose he set it up in Stockton, or somewhere else.....Is he a Veterian (animal doc) or Human doctor (I always see him as human one) Now add to this a story of either his first day after he has his office is all sat up or The *fun* of having his family trying to help him set his office up as in everyone thinks everything should be anywhere but where Eugene wants it. How he finaly gets HIS office sat up HIS way. And dose he get his first patiant while they are setting his office up?

Story Description Author Location(s)
Dr. Barkley   BowValley TWDTC

Man From Nowhere Letter Challenge

I was watching 'the man from nowhere' again and found something as a throw away scene. Heath has the mail and pulls a letter out of the mail, smells it and starts to open it as their visitor arrives.
The challenge is to write a story around Heath's letter. It is from a female to be sure, but which one from season one? OR is it someone else we haven't met yet?

Story Description Author Location(s)
The End or Just the Beginning? [sequel to Rose Garden]
In "The Man From Nowhere" Heath receives a letter, from a female to be sure, but who is she?
BValleyReader (Vickie G.) - ? -

Limerick Challenge

It's been awhile since we had a poetic challenge. I'd love to read some limericks done "Barkley style".

Story Description Author Location(s)
Limerick Challenge by docdeb, Roosgal, MollyMelrose, KateHn, grannyg49, jade7789, Heath4Me and BValleyReader Round Robin TWDTC

The Boys Are Back In Town Challenge

You can write whatever you want. The title is 'The Boys are Back in Town'.

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Boys are Back in Town [Challenge] dustimom10 TWDTC
The Boys Are Back In Town [Challenge] Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTC
Needed Retreat [the boys are back in town challenge] BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTA[MN]

Jarrod Challenge

Write a story in which Jarrod and Heath are able to bond over a similar remembrance of doing without in a way that Nick, Eugene, and Audra would not comprehend.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Those Fine Walls   PaloseRvrGal TWDTV

Nick Challenge

Nick receives a mysterious package in the mail. What's in it? Who sent it? Why did they send it?

Story Description Author Location(s)
Dear Mr. Barkley Nick receives a mysterious package in the mail. What's in it? Who sent it? Why did they send it? nebbyjen FFN

Dough to give a way Challenge

The town of Stockton has sooo much of this batter in town and surrounding area, Everyone including the Barkleys have to come up with ingenious ways to get rid of a jar of batter a day....

So dose Jarrod give it to his clients as a rebate??

Will Sheriff Madden ship it out with the prisoners to San Quinton???

Do the live stock get baked goods??

Does the Cattleman's diner give it away to customers with their change ??

Your part in this is to come up with how any one in Stockton gets rid of 5 jars of starter batter, it can be all 5 to 5 different people in one day, or a jar a day for 5 days.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Friendship bread   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC

Episode Limerick Challenge

The limericks have been a lot of fun...how about writing a limerick based on an episode?

Story Description Author Location(s)
Episode Limerick Challenge   Round Robin TWDLL

Jailed Brother Challenge

One of the brothers wakes up in jail and has no memory of how they got there. As he paces around the cell, he finds five items in his pocket from the night before. As he looks at each piece, the night slowly comes back to him. Write about his night, why he has these five items and how he ended up in jail. One other thing, try to stick to no more than 500 words.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Coming of Age [Jailed Brother Challenge] Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTC
Keep the Change [a Jailed Brother Challenge] grannyg49 (Gina) TWDTC
The Quiet Brother [Jailed Brother Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
A Simple Misunderstanding [Jailed Brother Challenge] Katlynn THP
Staying out of trouble [Jailed Brother challenge] Roosgal (Jamie) TWDTC

Song Challenge

Maybe you can compose a Barkley song to a TV or a Movie theme song.

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Beverly (Barkley) Hillbillies [Song Challenge] BowValley TWDTC
The Big Valley Theory [a song challenge] grannyg49 (Gina) TWDTC

Birthday Letter Challenge

"Victoria went to the secretary in the parlour, took out a piece of stationary and began to make a list of all those she would ask to write a birthday letter to Jarrod. When the family had completed theirs and when the others had arrived from places near and far, she would tie them up with a scarlet ribbon and present them to him on his birthday. He could then read them in private, at his own pace and in his own time. She stopped and prayed that these letters would be like a salve to his wounded soul."

Okay. The challenge. Pick a character and write their letter to Jarrod.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Birthday Letter for Jarrod   BowValley TWDTC
Birthday Letter for Jarrod   SurprisedbyJoy TWDTC
Birthday Letter for Jarrod....from Audra   dotti81 TWDTC
Birthday Letter for Jarrod-from Victoria   BVMatriarch TWDTC
Birthday Letter to Jarrod   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
Birthday Letter to Jarrod   ranchgirl TWDTC
Birthday Letter to Jarrod from a friend   nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Birthday Letter to Jarrod...from Audra   AnneWithane (Little Miss Hickock) TWDTC
Happy Birthday Jarrod from The Midas Man   StocktonGirl TWDTC
Letter from Rio Blanco [Birthday Letter for Jarrod] Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTC
(Not a) Birthday Letter for Jarrod -- from Maybelle Williams   jumpinrooster TWDTC

"To Heal a Broken Heart" Challenge

All of the Barkley's have lost out on love in one way or another with the possible exception of Eugene in the show anyway. Here is the challenge, in some way have any character help the chosen heartbroken through the loss in any manner you so choose, i.e. letter, heart to heart talk, etc. Example, How might Jarrod or Nick have helped Victoria through the loss of Tom. Could be an AU and Heath was there to help or maybe Tom was there to help when one of his children had been heartbroken.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Audra and Heath [To Heal a Broken Heart]
A companion piece to Heath's birthday letter to Jarrod and my other two To Heal a Broken Heart stories.
BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
Jarrod the Rock [To Heal a Broken Heart]
In Heath's Birthday letter to Jarrod he pointed out two times Jarrod had been a help to him. This is the back story of one of those talks.
BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
Mother and Son [To Heal a Broken Heart] BowValley TWDTC
Pappy Strikes again [To Heal a Broken Heart]
This is a back story fill in from Heath's birthday letter to Jarrod.
BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC

Halloween Challenge

Write a Halloween story complete in one post that uses the entire Barkley family (or as many as you can fit in).

Story Description Author Location(s)
A Dark and Stormy Tale   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
Guardian Angel [Halloween Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Moonlight Waltz [Halloween Writing Challenge] metcalf1991 (Sara) TWDTC

3 Part Sentence Challenge

The challenge is to write a story which contains the sentence that is made from the guidelines below. As an exemple I'll use myself. I'm born on the 29th of May and today wearing a blue shirt so my sentence would be: "I jumped on Carl Wheeler because I just wanted a cold beer."


Pick the month you were born:
January ------- I kicked
February ----- I loved
March ------- I punched
April --------- I licked
May ---------- I jumped on
June ---------- I smelled
July ----------- I caught
August -------- I had lunch with
September ---- I danced with
October ------- I serenaded
November ----- I rode
December ----- I wore

Pick the day (number) you were born on:
1 ------- a bucket
2 ------- a horse
3 ------- a Stetson
4 ------- Doctor Merar
5 ------- a bandana
6 ------- a pink shirt
7 ------- a dress
8 ------- a gold mine
9 ------- my best friend's lover
10 ------- my neighbour
11 ------- a chuck-wagon
12 ------- a peach
13 ------- a bartender
14 ------- a rifle
15 ------- a sheep
16 ------- a wild bronco
17 ------- Victoria Barkley
18 ------- a fancy gun-belt
19 ------- a faded photograph
20 ------- a horse trough
21 ------- the train to San Francisco
22 ------- Silas
23 ------- a potato
24 ------- a cigar
25 ------- a saloon girl
26 ------- Audra
27 ------- Heath
28 ------- the wire
29 ------- Carl Wheeler
30 ------- a mysterious stranger
31 ------- an empty barn

Pick the colour of shirt you are wearing:
White --------- because I can do whatever I want!
Black --------- because I felt like it.
Pink ----------- because I like Nick.
Red ----------- because the Barkley's told me to.
Blue ----------- because I just wanted a cold beer.
Green --------- because Jarrod walked my way.
Purple --------- because I lost my pants!
Gray ---------- because I'm the boss.
Yellow -------- because Nick offered me $5 000.
Orange -------- because he started it!
Brown --------- because Mother said so!
Other ---------- because I'm a Barkley!
None ---------- because I can't control myself!

Story Description Author Location(s)
Carl Wheeler's Selfless Sacrifice   nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Dear Journal   Roosgal (Jamie) TWDTC
Gold!   BowValley TWDTC
Helping Silas   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
Julia's Story [3 part sentence challenge] grannyg49 (Gina) TWDTC
Untitled   diaxox (Vivian) TWDTC
Untitled   OpalGirl10 (Laura) TWDTC

Uncharacteristic Jarrod Challenge

I read somewhere that RL wanted to portray Jarrod Barkley as abit more of a ... well ... not such the perfect, well behaved fellow we usually see on screen or read about on the storyboard. I would like to see a story depicting him as abit of a scoundrel. And maybe for fun have Nick or Heath behaving differently in some way.

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Cowboy [An Uncharacteristic Jarrod Challenge] JBsAngel07 (Mary, aka MCOC007) TWDTV

Amnesia Challenge or Who's Heath?

Nick and Heath go off - hunting, vacation, doesn't matter. Something happens. Nick somehow makes it home. He has amnesia - doesn't remember anything about what has happened the past few days, nor does he remember anything about the existance of Heath.

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Broken Spell [Who's Heath Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
Memory Nick returns home - without Heath! LoriLee TWDTC
Where's Heath?   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTA[U-Z]
Who's Heath   catgirl63 TWDTC
Who's Heath   hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) TWDTC

Rashomon Challenge

To a short intro story simply choose a character and tell Victoria what happened in her absence from your chosen character's point of view.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Audra and Gene explain [Rashomon Challenge] Roosgal (Jamie) TWDTC
Heath's problem [Rashomon Challenge] hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) TWDTC
Mother Knows Best [Rashomon Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
No Girls Allowed [Rashomon Challenge] Casey3043 TWDTC

POG Parent Reversal Challenge

Heath comes to the family but Victoria was the unfaithful who has passed.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Home At Last [Reversal Challenge] Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTC
The Mother He Never Knew   Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDBCD
A Mother's Son Comes Home [POG Reversal Challenge] BVMatriarch TWDTC
My new son [POG Reversal Challenge]
Backstory to "Sons, I'd like you to meet . . ."
BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
Out of the Ruins [POG Role Reversal Challenge] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDBCD
Sons, I'd like you to Meet . . . [POG Reversal Challenge] BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
A Stranger at the Funeral [POG Reversal Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
A Tale of Two Mothers   Katlynn THP
To Dance with My Mother   Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTA[T]
Turnaround   HOW/HOW2 (Ros) TWDTA[T]
Winds of Life   Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTC

POG Brother Reversal Challenge

Write a story about either Nick or Jarrod being the one who comes to the family from outside. It could be as a child or adult, whatever.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Becoming Pappy [sequel to "A New Brother"]
Two men from Jarrod's past come back to haunt him and his newly found family by targeting Heath.
BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTA[B]
A New Brother   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDBCD
A Place To Belong   LoriLee FFN

Quote Challenge

Write a story with the following quotes from the movie "Stardust" incorporated:
A: Tell me about Victoria, then.
B: Well, she... she... There's nothing more to tell you.
A: The little I know about love is that it's unconditional. It's not something you can buy.
B: Hang on! This wasn't about me buying her love. This was a way for me to prove to her how I felt.
A: Ah... And what's she doing to prove how she feels about you?
B: Well... Look, [A], you'll understand when you meet her, all right? If we don't get murdered by pirates first.
A: Mmm... Murdered by pirates. Heart torn out and eaten. Meet Victoria. I can't quite decide which sounds more fun...
Of course you can change the pirates into rustlers or whatever you like, also "Heart torn out and eaten.". A and B should be the interacting characters, whoever you choose for them to be.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Jim Randolph and Virgil Livingston [Quote Challenge] BVMatriarch TWDTC
Miracle in the Midas   docdeb (Debbie) TWDTV
Untitled [Quote Challenge] weewillie TWDTC

AU Sister Challenge

Write an AU story were the bastardly child is a girl.
Include the following characters: Victoria, Jarrod, Nick, Heath, Audra, Gene, Silas and Duke
Her past is your decision but must include some element of angst. Example: I read, a long time ago, a fic (don't remember the name of it, but it wasn't BV) where a girl cut off her hair to join the army. Would/could she do something like that and get away with it during Civil War times?
The tension is between her and Audra and/or her and Victoria.
Tomboy to the bone and proud of it. lol
And finally, you must use this starter:

She had been riding Gal in a daze, her mother's dying words still swirling in her head.

"Sweetheart ... I have to tell you..." she had gasped then reached a shaky hand for the Bible on the stand by the bed. "Your father ... look in the Bible. Tom..."

She remembered taking the Bible as her mother exhaled her final breath, the newspaper cutout fluttering to the floor as she opened it. TOM BARKLEY, STOCKTON, CA. She had heard the name many times in the little rat hole town she lived in, but never, not in a million years, would she have thought that he was her father. Tears were replaced by anger at the injustice that had been hers and her mother's lives. She was going to Stockton, she was going to meet these high and mighty Barkleys, and she was going to claim what should have been hers all along ... or die trying.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Every Man Casts A Shadow   AnneWithane (Little Miss Hickock) TWDBCD
Ties That Bind What if Tom Barley and Leah Thomson's child was a daughter? LoriLee TWDBCD

Childhood Challenge

Do you reckon the Barkleys including Silas, might just regress to a childhood activity if the moment was right? Select a family member and ride along with them on a childish adventure...

Story Description Author Location(s)
Arthurian Battle   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
The Loft   BowValley TWDTC

Biography Challenge

Write a report that is a biography of someone from The Big Valley. It can be your favorite character, a recurring character or a character that was just on one show. Try to use some information from the show that is considered canon. On the things that weren't covered in the show or fanon you can cover it by saying "it is thought", "purported" or something like that. If one of the show's characters don't work for you you can write a biography of one of your own OC's. Please don't write about someone else's OC without their permission.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Untitled   Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTC
Victoria Barkley - Biography [Biography Challenge] BVMatriarch TWDTC

Nick Has Met His Match! Challenge

Write a multi-chapter story that tells about how Nick met the love of his life and how she gives has good has Nick gets.

Points that are needed:
1.) Your female character must be an OC!
2.) You can choose what type of a horse and the name your OC rides
3.) In the first three chapters, Nick and your female OC can have mild arguments, but at some point they have to have full blowin fight.
4.) They must have a make up love scene as well

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Cowgirl The Barkleys hire a new hand. LoriLee FFN

Heath challenge

Write a story about something Heath did prior to POG. It can be canon i.e. cow prod, hay waddie, jingler (not exactly sure what that one is), fishing off the Golden Gate, etc., or anything else thought up by the fertile imaginations that abound here. It can be as silly or as serious as you want, take place before the series or have that period of Heath's life brought up by someone or some situation after Heath becomes a Barkley.

The only other requirement is that the story be complete in one post.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Perplexed Nick   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
Up To Your Boots   hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) TWDTV

A "moving" Challenge

Do a short story with the family any amount or all of them either learning to be on roller skates or the family finding out one of them is really good on them. Just remember you mainly went in a circle or streight line there was no fancy dancing like we have today.

Story Description Author Location(s)
It Had to Be Nick [A moving story.] hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) TWDTC
A Moving Experience [response to Moving Challenge] kronosxf (Christina) TWDTC
What Now!! [A Moving Challenge story] BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC

"The River Monarch" Challenge

I've always wondered what would have happened if events in "The River Monarch" had turned out differently. What if Nick hadn't gotten to the mine in time to find out that his old colonel was trying to abscond with the gold? If the feds had come after the Barkleys to pay back the million, what would have happened? Would the family have been wiped out completely? If they had, what would they do about it? Stayed in Stockton or gone somewhere else in effort to start over? How would each of the family members have reacted? And whatever would happen with Nick and his "lassy" (boo. hiss.)?

Story Description Author Location(s)
The True Measure of Wealth What if the events in the episode turned out differently and the Barkleys had to pay back the million dollars? LoriLee FFN

I See By Your Outfit Challenge

Write a story with the following as its first line:

"I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy."

This may be said by anyone to anyone, as long as one of those who say or hear it is a Barkley. And at some point in the story, the outfit of the cowboy of the first line is described.

Don't forget Victoria or Audra as either the speaker or the one who has the line spoken to them.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Gene   topcat (brehan) TWDTC
Heath   weewillie TWDTC
Identifying Cowboys   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
Jarrod   LoriLee TWDTC
Jarrod   weewillie TWDTC
Nicky's Outfit   OpalGirl10 (Laura) TWDTC
Tom   weewillie TWDTC

Valentine's "word" story challenge

The rules:
1) One chapter, posted in The Corral
2) As long or as short as you want it to be
3) Your story must include the word "valentine" (but it doesn't HAVE to be a Valentine's Day story)
4) You must use at least six (or more is you prefer) of the words/phrases listed:
Fainting couch
Horse whiskers! (the exclamation mark is part of it)
Mark Twain
Neptune (the planet)
River steam boat
Spinach pie
5) Post your story any time between now and Valentine's Day

Story Description Author Location(s)
Audra's Auction [Valentine Challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTC
The Betty Hendrix Story [Valentine Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
An Evening at the Barkleys Dinner Table [Valentine's Challenge] sarr TWDTC
Finding Freedom [Valentine Challenge] weewillie TWDTC
Interlude [Valentine challenge] LoriLee TWDTC
The Luncheon Special [Valentine Challenge] MrsNickB (aka Mylady2) TWDTC
More Tales from the Schoolyard [Valentine Challenge] Katlynn TWDTC
Trying New Recipes [Valentine challenge]
or How to get the kids to eat their spinach
BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
Untitled [valentine challenge] jans TWDTC

"Tell me about Tom Barkley" Challenge

The challenge is this. Someone is new to Stockton and the Valley. They ask a Barkley family member or a character that is at least a semi-regular on the show to tell them about Tom Barkley. Give that person's perspective of Tom.

Story Description Author Location(s)
I Can Tell Ya About Tom Someone new to the valley wants to know about Tom Barkley. LoriLee TWDTC
Rememberances of Tom   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
Tell me about Tom Barkley   Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTC

"Best Friend" Challenge

Write about any Big Valley character and his or her best friend. A short story. The story must be positive. A happy ending, a story that makes you smile. No hurting anyone.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Best Friends-Tom and Victoria   BVMatriarch TWDTC
The Cicada's Song [Best Friends] LoriLee FFN
Old Friends   BowValley TWDTC
Spring Fling [Best Friends] jans TWDTC
Summer Treat [Best Friends] BowValley TWDTC

Girls Just Wanna have Fun challenge

Write a story, any length, with Audra or Victoria as the main character, with the theme "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (key word - fun)!

Story Description Author Location(s)
When it Rains it Pours   Roosgal (Jamie) TWDTC

Three and One Challenge

Write three things that a Big Valley character would do and then the one time that the character wouldn't do it. For example: the Three Times Nick Yelled at Eugene and The One Time He Didn't; the three times Jarrod didn't take an animal in payment for his services and the one time he did; the three times Audra went out with someone and the one time she didn't; the three times Ciego talked with Tom Barkley and the one time he didn't, etc. The stories can be funny or serious, long or short (I read some stories where the sections were just one or two sentences for example,) can be based on actual episodes or not, and should be written in sections.

Story Description Author Location(s)
That wasn't Nick [Three and One challenge] BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
Three Times ... ... That Jarrod Didn't Accept Animals as Payment For His Services and One Time That He Did CamRose TWDTC
Three Times ... [3 and 1 Challenge]
... Nick Called Heath 'Boy' and One Time He Didn't
docdeb (Debbie) TWDTC
Three Times ... ... Heath Said 'Boy howdy' ... And One Time He Didn't Katlynn TWDTC
Three Times ... ... Nick Called Victoria Duchess - And One Time He Didn't MollyMelrose TWDTC
Three Times ... ... That Nick Beat Heath in a Contest and One Time That He Didn't CamRose TWDTC

Linda's Birthday Challenge

In honor of her birthday, we're offering a story challenge that was one of Linda's favorite types ... a "word challenge". These aren't just any randomly chosen words; they're words taken from the titles of stories that Linda wrote (stories that can be found in 'Linda's Lodge'). The challenge rules are simple:

- Write a 1-2 chapter story that uses at least 6 and at most all (12) of the words/phrases in the list below.
- Post it in The Corral forum during the days leading up to Linda's birthday (September 26-30).

The words/phrases are:

All for one
Guardian angel
Robin Hood
Treasure box

Story Description Author Location(s)
All For One [Linda's Bday challenge] Deirdre (DeirdreM) TWDTC
Bad Day On The Trail [Linda Birthday Challenge] Valley Cyn Ann TWDTC
The Dream [Linda's birthday challange] jans TWDTC
A Glimpse of Barkley Life [Linda's Birthday] BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
Good Fortune [Linda's Birthday challenge] LoriLee TWDTC
Splorin' in Sherlock Forest [Linda's Birthday Challenge] Katlynn TWDTC

The vanishing statue challenge

The other day as I was rewatched "Boots", I found myself wondering at the end what in the world happened to the statue of Tom Barkley that the grateful citizens of Stockton erected in his honour. It appears that it was in an obvious place, just outside the hotel, a bit to the right in a small park area, as the the rest of the family ran out to meet Victoria and Heath and the reappearing horse from what I believe would be the hotel where they were staying. Yet after those brief scenes we never see it again, even though we do see the hotel and the street again. I thought it would be fun to toss the idea out there and see what others think about the disappearance of Tom Barkley's statue.

So how about it Valley Dwellers: where did that statue go? The challenge is to tell us all how and when it disappeared, and who was the magician.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Nick's tale [The Vanishing Statue Challenge] BowValley TWDTC

Why do they do that? Challenge

Why does Jarrod push his hat back on his head? Why does Nick wear those spurs and that leather vest tied with a piece of rawhide? Why does Heath mount up without using the stirrup? Many questions we have for the Barkley clan, why they do some of the things they do...

The Challenge is to answer why.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Boy Howdy [Why Do they Do That] Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTC
Heath's Rattle Tail   Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTC
Nick's Hat [(Why do they do that? challenge)] dustimom10 TWDTC
Nick's vest [Why do they do that] BowValley TWDTC
No Small Dreams [Why do they do that? challenge story] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTC
One Size Fits All [Why do they do that? Challenge] Katlynn TWDTC
Spurs [Why do they Challenge] weewillie TWDTC
Why do they do that?   BowValley TWDTC
Why do they do that?   Tauna Petit-Strawn TWDTC

Pet short story Challenge

In this challenge you have to write a short story. It can only be up to 4 or 5 pages. Has to have a Barkley with your Pet (either past or present) but cannot be a horse.

Story Description Author Location(s)
A Fish Tale [Pet Short Story Challenge] momofthreegrls TWDTC
Katie's New Pet [Pet Story Challenge] JBsAngel07 (Mary, aka MCOC007) TWDTC
A Present for Mother [Pet short story Challenge] curlylc1 TWDTC
The Stranger   StephGP (Laurie Le May) TWDTC
The Visitor [pet short story challenge] LoriLee TWDTC

"Word" Story Challenge 2012

The challenge is pretty simple - write a Big Valley story that includes all of the items on the list (or as many as you can). The only other "rules" are that your story should be complete in one post and submitted here in The Corral.

The Word story challenge list is:

"family portrait"
"Well, I'll be!"
Lillie Langtry
"Baa Baa Black Sheep"
"stovepipe hat"

This list comes courtesy of the following Admins: Kat, Laura, Joyce, Ginger and Patti. Thank you to weewillie for suggesting this story challenge.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Just Fiddlin' Around [Word Challenge] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTC
A Short, Silly Word Story   MrsNickB (aka Mylady2) TWDTC
Somebody's Darling [Word Challenge] weewillie TWDTC
An Unexpected Gift ["Word" Challenge] StephGP (Laurie Le May) TWDTC

Ghostly Halloween Challenge

The idea Tom and Victoria are no longer with us, so as Ghost, They come back to the ranch/ or childs home to see how things are going. They might talk about what they had planned for a child and how they did thier own thing...More or less just two parents talking about their kids but because they are ghost the kids can not see them so have no idea what is being said. And since it would be a Halloween type challenge you can have all the cold chills you want to add.

Or they can be just talking about things in general, as they walk around the ranch. Maybe walking into people

As always it can be as long or short as you want.
And it has to have 3 things..Tom..Victoria..and they are ghost.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Still Here [A Halloween Challenge] shiningstar5 (Judy) TWDTC
Sunday Spirits [Halloween Challenge] Nina TWDTC
The Visit [A Halloween Challenge] BowValley TWDTC

Short Shot Challenge

The challenge is....write a short shot where Nick actually turns the ranch over to Heath and becomes a priest.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Brother Nick [Short Shot Challenge] BowValley TWDTC
Father Jonathan [Short Shot Challenge] Nina TWDTC
Father Michael (Nick) [Short Shot Challenge] Dreamer1985 (aka BarkleyFan11, Ghostwriter85) TWDTC
Why Brother Nick? [Short Shot Challenge] Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTC

"My Life in a Holster" Challenge

What do you think of when you hear......My Life in a Holster...where will it take you.
Most of you know the way it gose. It can be a few paragraphs to what ever pages.. As long as at least One Barkley is in it...

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Devil's Right Hand   Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTC
My Life in a Holster   Valley Cyn Ann TWDTC

"Days of Wrath" Challenge

I would like to read a good story from Nick and Heath's point of view from the moment Jerrod left and Nick was still on the floor.

Jerrod said at the end of the ep that he had discovered something inside himself that he didn't know existed; well I would surmise that his brothers didn't know either... And as they track Jerrod's path of mental and emotional terror and physical violence, they begin to find out just what he means. However... A mother knows her children, and while none of them knew what was in Jerrod, I bet one could create a scenario from Jerrod's childhood that let Victoria explicitly know what was deep inside her eldest son...

And so the challenge goes forth ;-)

Story Description Author Location(s)
The hunt for Jarrod Barkley [Days of Wrath]
This story picks up just after Jarrod leaves home to find the killer of his 4 day bride, Beth.
lady800cc TWDTC

Back to School Challenge

What I Did Over Summer Vacation theme by ________ Barkley, age 10.

It's back to school time around these parts, so here's a classic teacher assignment..100 words or less..any or all of the Barkley children. Grades based on grammar and creativity.

Story Description Author Location(s)
What I did over my summer vacation   Round Robin TWDTC

The Bottom of the Barrel Barkleys Challenge

Think of the Barkleys changing stations in life with the Kyles and let the hijinks ensue...

Story Description Author Location(s)
The Bottom Of The Barrel [Barkley reverse with the Kyles] Heath4Me (Sandi H.) TWDTC

Twitter Challenge

BV episodes in Tweets anyone? 140 characters or less!

What would Audra say on Twitter? What would Nick or Jarrod say? Could be interesting.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Twitter Inspired   Round Robin TWDTC

Horse's POV Challenge

Here's the story challenge:

Write a story from the perspective of Charger, Coco, and Jingo, with Misty Girl and Audra's horse (one fanfic story called her Carrington) optionally included. The story can be about the brother's but interpreted through the eyes and thoughts of Charger, Coco, and Jingo.

Story Description Author Location(s)
Aftermath (River Monarch)   WynterSnow56 TWDTC
The Troubles of an Old Horse My take on what Coco thought of "Hunter's Moon" - and some other parts of his life too. Only4Nick TWDTC
What's said in the barn, stays in the barn!   cowgirlatheart TWDTC

Other Challenges

Story Description Author Location(s)
12 Days of Christmas Writing Challenge   Round Robin TWDTAC
Barkleys in Seattle Challenge   Round Robin TWDTC
beyond days of grace a picture challenge story rated adult sadtomato7 TWDTLD
Bitter Memory [Christmas Challenge]
A story of Heath's first meeting with the Barkleys, when he was five years old, and including a Christmas scene with the whole family when Heath is an adult
valleygirlnj (Peg) TWDSTA
BV Story   Round Robin TWDTC
"Christmas 2002" Challenge Response   Nzie (Nadja) THP
Eugene's Homecoming for Linda's picture challenge Heath4Me (Sandi H.) THP
The First Shower (aka The Nightmare Before Halloween) [Halloween Challenge] LodiLily (Ginger) TWDSTA
The Gift Christmas with the Barkleys; Nick has a special gift for Heath. (Written in response to a writing challenge to compose a short Christmas story involving the whole Barkley family.) Jojo THP
Ladies' Man [a picture challenge story] MrsNickB (aka Mylady2) TWDSTA
A new dawn [ficlet] Barkley Lady (Cattis) TWDTAV
Next up, mining...   AzizalSaqr (JD) TWDTV
The OC Ice Cream Social [Chatroom Challenge] Round Robin TWDTAC
Reversal of Fortune response to Linda's challenge Jansusan MAIL
The shortest tale [ficlet] Barkley Lady (Cattis) TWDTAV
The Story [The story without an end challenge] Round Robin TWDTAC
Think First, Talk Later   AzizalSaqr (JD) TWDTV
The Visitor This story was inspired by a challenge issued by fellow Big Valley writer Leanne. Leanne wanted someone to pen a tale that didn't involved Heath getting shot, beat up, sick, or emotionally traumatized. Kenda TBL
The Visitor I believe it was Valerie who suggested we write a story incorporating characters, either real people or from television, movies, etc., with the Barkleys. Well, my response to the challenge follows. Taylor TBL
The Will Game [400 words challenge] Mars and Cat TWDTAC


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