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Story Description Author Location(s)
Above and Beyond [an AU story] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) - ? -
Acceptance [sequel to "A Place To Belong"] LoriLee FFN
An Ace in the Hole This short story offers an alternate ending to the episode called "Court Martial", highlighting the strengths of all three brothers and their need to work together to achieve the same goal. jRedwood (Redwood) THP
The Aftermath [My Son My Son] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) - ? -
All the Way Right [Second in series]
A former love of Heath's returns to the Valley with serious consequences for the Barkleys.
Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTAB07
The Angel and The Imp Eight year old Heath is up to mischief and four-year-old Audra tags along JV (JV04) THP
Angels and Broken Hearts A sad ending to this alternate world story. Kellie (Kellie L., KellieAgain) TBL
The Angels are Singing When Nick buys a bronco mare, Rachel is determined to break it! Rachel L Driscoll FFN
Another Brick An AU story about Heath coming to live with the Barkley. Silvia (silvia68, trekde) - ? -
Barkley's Bastard [Alternate version of POG] BamaJan 2 - ? -
Because They Care [7th Rachel Barkley story]
When Rachel gets herself into a scrape, she is left to think about her actions.
Rachel L Driscoll FFN
Becoming Brothers [Beyond Brothers]
This story is a sequel to "Flashes of Light", which tells of an alternate arrival for Heath.
jRedwood (Redwood) THP
Becoming Pappy [sequel to "A New Brother"]
Two men from Jarrod's past come back to haunt him and his newly found family by targeting Heath.
BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTA[B]
Betrayals and Blessings alternate version of "Boots With My Father's Name" docdeb (Debbie) TWDTA[B]
Be Waitin' On Ya Alternate version of the Nick episode "Night of the Wolf". pattiheathen TWDTA[B]
Big Words   stacey256 THP
Birthdays and Anniversaries [Jarrod and Christiana]
It's sort of an epilogue to "Facing Her Past".
stacey256 TWDTAB06
A Bit of Heaven [The Iron Box] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) - ? -
Black Stallion AU: A Kathleen story. WARNING: Spanking of a teen. fozrulz FFN
The Blessing This is an AU story with Heath as a child. Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTA[B]
A Blessing In Disguise a 'what if...' story based on "Days of Wrath" LoriLee FFN
Blind Man's Bluff Based on 'what if Jarrod had not regained his eyesight in Time After Midnight'. What could happen after Cunningham was dead, after the other two men had left etc etc Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
Blindsided A 'what if' off The Young Marauders. Basically, what if Audra had been so upset that, instead of going back across the river, she'd ridden off instead, meaning to go back home later. Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
Blood Lines An alternate version of the episode "Winner Lose All" JV (JV04) TWDVP
Blood, Thou Art Blood [Set six years after 'What Makes a Man' in the same A/U]
After suffering a grave injury during a fierce Modoc ambush, 19-year-old Cavalryman Heath Barkley returns to the ranch, not only to heal, but to strenghthen fragile bonds with the family he believes he deserted.
JolieHart (JBHart) TWDVP
The Boy [A Sequel to "The Soldier"] Casey3043 TWDTV
Brands   lokigal (loki twin) - ? -
Brother Game This is a story of Heath coming to the Barkleys. Its a bit AU as Heath is younger 20 and there is no Eugene. Pippa (Rrund) FFN
Brother Mine This is an AU version of Heath coming to the Barkleys. lotr58 (Heidi) - ? -
A Brother's Intuition [First in series]
Audra finds a man; Heath has doubts about him.
Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTA[B]
The Bull and the Half Brother Another variation on Heath's arrival, as told by one of the family members. Barb TBL
By The Grace of Family Alternate Universe story set at the end of the Civil War. What would happen if Nick were the brother who was at Carterson and then came home. Read to see how the Barkley's pick up their lives at a crucial part of their lives. Angelolyte FFN
Caesar's Witch or The Merry Old Ranch of Oz   StephGP (Laurie Le May) TWDTV
The Camping Trip [based on "The Wish"]
Nick takes his little brother on his first camping trip. This story continues the adventures of the 7-year-old Heath and 11-year-old Nick characters that were introduced in "The Wish". It takes place about a month after "Rule Number 62".
Katlynn THP
Careful What You Wish For This is my AU version of one of the first season episodes. kashkow1 FFN
Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire   HOW/HOW2 (Ros) TWDTA[C-E]
Children Are A Gift From God   arkangel36 TWDTA[C-E]
Christmas Angels will Be Heard   Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) - ? -
The Christmas Book   Frauee THP
Christmas Remembrances   stacey256 THP
Continental Cowboy   catgirl63 THP
Cookie Ladies This is an ALTERNATIVE Heath story. While recovering from his Carterson injuries, Heath is befriended by a wonderful woman. His friend helps Heath and Tom get their relationship as father and son started on more solid ground. Phoenix TBL
Counting Her Blessings A little something on Heath and Becca in my AU that began with "Playing With Finesse". stacey256 TWDTAB06
The Cowboy Heath Thomson arrives on the Barkley ranch while Tom Barkley is still alive. This alternative Heath story looks at what might have happened if Tom and Heath met as adults. Phoenix TBL
Crossroads A what if from the "JOAQUIN" episode. Kailaana TWDTA[C-E]
A Cry of Innocence An alternate version of Heath's introduction to the Barkley family Kellie (Kellie L., KellieAgain) TBL
A Debt to Pay Killers are hired to gun down the Barkleys but someone is bound and determined to stop every one of them. Questions are Who? and Why? Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
Deceptions and Betrayals This story is an AU about Heath joining the family. ssigirl74 - ? -
The Defenders An alternate ending to "The Invaders". docdeb (Debbie) TWDTA[C-E]
Discoveries The second and last sequel to "A Cry of Innocence", taking place thirteen years later. Kellie (Kellie L., KellieAgain) TBL
Doing the Right Thing I see Leah as strong and spunky enough to raise her son with fair success. In this Alternate story, Heath is not quite five when Tom Barkley finds out about him by chance. Tom and Victoria travel to Strawberry to investigate, and negotiate. doreliz THP
A Double Blessing   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTA[C-E]
A Dream Come True This is an alternate Universe story that is pretty self explanatory. I hope it's not too sad. Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTA[C-E]
Earning Her Spurs   stacey256 TWDTA[C-E]
Echo on the Horizon The road a young man takes to his heritage takes many twists and turns. Deirdre (DeirdreM) TBL
Empty   Phoenix TWDVP
End Of The Line Takes place directly after POG. Heath is shot from ambush and the family finds they must deal with more than just an unseen physical enemy. Drug references. catlee2 (Modocgal) TWDTA[C-E]
Enough!   Phoenix TWDVP
Every Man Casts A Shadow   AnneWithane (Little Miss Hickock) TWDBCD
Facing the Past [AU] stacey256 TWDTAB
False Impressions Did 15yo Heath run away from home then reconsider? Where has he been for the last three days? Upon his return, an argument with Nick turns into a heartfelt discussion, and the brothers soon learn just what they mean to each other. Jellico FFN
Family Bonds This is an alternate story of how Heath arrived at the ranch. Silvia (silvia68, trekde) FFN
A Family Found [Prequel to "A Family Healing"]
Trapped in a way station with Victoria after an earthquake, a badly injured Heath reveals his father's name and finds a family.
catlee2 (Modocgal) TWDSTA
A Family Healing [sequel to "A Family Found"]
Recovering from his injuries after the earthquake, Heath and the family get to know one another amidst concerns for his health. - A series of conversations between Heath and each member of the family including Silas.
catlee2 (Modocgal) TWDSTA
The Fifth Musketeer   cas TWDTA[F]
Finding Redemption One of Jarrod's crusades goes too far. LoriLee FFN
Fires Rekindled A what if on By Fires Unseen. Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTA[F]
Fires Still Burning An alternative take on "By Fires Unseen". Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTA[F]
First Steps An alternate "Heath comes to the Valley" story, in which Nick discovers the truth of Heath's claim following a visit to Strawberry. He and Heath must both take steps before becoming brothers. austentatious (Lynn) TWDTA[F]
Flashes of Light [Beyond Brothers]
This story offers an alternate arrival for Heath, is loosely based on "The Young Marauders", and uses some ideas from "Image of Yesterday".
jRedwood (Redwood) THP
A Force To Contend With This is an AU version of "By Force and Violence". amlapilusa (Adrianne) TWDTA[F]
For The Sake of His Comrades A what if story, based off 'The Court Martial'. Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
Fortune's Son   Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTA[F]
Forty Rifles Less An alternative ending for the episode "Forty Rifles". lokigal (loki twin) TWDTA[F]
Four Against the Dragon   jRedwood (Redwood) TWDTA[F]
Frogs' Eggs   HOW/HOW2 (Ros) TWDTA[F]
The Funeral An alternate history Madge (Dale, dale hls) TBL
Gene's Farewell This is a quick one-shot showing Rachel's feelings when Eugene goes away to college for the first time. It is set after my story 'When Heath Came Along' and before 'The Angels are Singing'. Rachel L Driscoll FFN
Getting on with the Right Thing This is a sequel to "Doing the Right Thing", an AU story in which Leah is alive and well when Tom accidentally finds out about Heath. The year is 1857. doreliz THP
Glimpses of a Girl Called Sarah   ranchgirl TWDSTA
Graduation Day Heath's background causes a fracas at his high school graduation. Phoenix TBL
A Greater Purpose Going to visit friends, Victoria and Jarrod meet an unusual young man. Queenafoster THP
Hazardous Truth Here's an alternate ending to "Hazard". docdeb (Debbie) TWDTA[G-I]
A Heart Filled with Joy An Alternate Universe Story Regarding How Heath Came To Live On The Barkley Ranch Kenda KBVL
Heath Thomson and the Bedroom of Secrets A BV/Harry Potter Crossover StephGP (Laurie Le May) TWDTV
Helpful Boys   kronosxf (Christina) - ? -
Here Comes Mr. Jordan: The BV Version Nick can not follow the rules in the afterlife. (Based on the 1941 movie.) weewillie TWDBCD
His Father's Name [AU for Boots With My Father's Name]
When Victoria Barkley impulsively seeks answers to Heath's past in Strawberry, the mining town where her husband's illegitimate son grew up, her family is nearly destroyed. Will Heath ever really carry his father's name?
Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTA[G-I]
His Father's Son What if Nick had been the illegimate son? Tauna Petit-Strawn TWDVP
His Mothers' Son Heath Thomson is working for the Barkley Family. How will Leah Thomson's visit to Stockton change Heath and the Barkley's lives, especially when two men are out for revenge...on Heath. Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) FFN
Home Alone [Christmas story] amlapilusa (Adrianne) TWDTA[G-I]
Home At Last [Reversal Challenge] Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTC
Home for the Holidays Post-traumatic stress disorder and its effects on Heath, as well as his concerned family, are the subject of this ALTERNATIVE Heath story. Phoenix TBL
A House Divided This is an AU story. The Barkley's have a second daughter, Ellen who is married to Dr. Merar's nephew, Jeff. Jeff and Ellen's story "Wost Case Scenario" is in BCD's. It is not necessary to read that one first. Roosgal (Jamie) TWDTA[G-I]
I know you THINK you understand... [WC]
related to "The Wish"
Katlynn THP
Important Lessons   stacey256 THP
I'm Your Brother Heath is trapped in a mine collapse. weewillie TWDTV
In a Mother's Heart This is an alternate universe story. Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAV
Incident at Oak Meadows A retake on the ending of "The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner". Casey3043 TWDTA[G-I]
In Love and War This is an alternate universe using the episode "Earthquake". Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTA[G-I]
In the Silence of the Shadows Two families await their sons return from war. An alternative Heath meets the Barkleys. Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDVP
Into My Father's Arms This is an alternative to the way Heath arrived at the ranch. After discovering a letter in his mother's bible, Heath sets out to look for his father. Nancy (Unicorn) TBL
Into the Widow's Web [An Alternate Ending] docdeb (Debbie) TWDTAV
The Iron Box~Without Brothers [An Alternate Reality] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTAV
It's a Long Way to Frisco [5th Rachel Barkley story]
Jarrod finally agrees to take Rachel with him to San Francisco, but the journey isn't quite what they imagined when a gang of outlaws attack the train...
Rachel L Driscoll FFN
Journey Home In this ALTERNATIVE Heath story, Tom Barkley is alive and brings a young Heath home to the Barkley Ranch from the USArmy Hospital where he finds the sick boy after Heath's release from Carterson Prison. Phoenix TBL
Journey Into Light This is an alternate ending to the episode "Journey Into Darkness". docdeb (Debbie) TWDTA[J-L]
Kathleen and Kilkarney Farms [The Brawlers - My Version]
AU: I always wondered what would have happened if Kathleen would have ridden up on Audra in the opening scene of the Brawlers. WARNING: cONTAINS SPANKING OR MENTION OF SUCH.
fozrulz FFN
Keeper of His Heart This is a story about the love of two brothers when Heath comes home from the Civil War. It starts out with a bang and ends with a bang as well. Some violence. Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) FFN
Keeping Pappy Company   stacey256 TWDTA[J-L]
Kisses   HOW/HOW2 (Ros) TWDTA[J-L]
The Last Roundup A boy shows up one day seeking work on the Barkley spread. Will they discover who he is before it's too late? tml14 TWDTV
Last Train to the Fair [An Alternative Story] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) THP
Leap of Faith the continuation of my alternate universe. As requested, Jarrod and Christiana's wedding day. stacey256 TWDTAV
Let It Go A conversation that might have taken place had Jarrod not regained his eyesight in the episode "Time After Midnight". - A short drabble. Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
A Letter to Minnie: "My Littlest Cowboy" Victoria writes to her friend about her littlest cowboy, Heath. (This story has Heath coming to live with the Barkley's as a child. His mother, Leah has died.) Jansusan TBL
Letter to Tom   PaloseRvrGal TWDTV
A Little Lady Causes Trouble A boy and his dog. Kellie (Kellie L., KellieAgain) TBL
Long Road Home Jarrod's been missing for eighteen months when he shows back up on the ranch...without his memory. Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
The Long Way To Home an AU story on how Heath came to live with the Barkleys Janislou TWDTA[J-L]
Look to the Rainbow An alternate look at Heath coming to the Barkleys. The Barkley family recovers from Tom Barkley's death. This takes place several months after Tom's death. Deirdre (DeirdreM) TBL
Lost and Found (aka The Pilgrimage) An alternative story where Heath is the son of Tom and Victoria. Nzie (Nadja) WWB
Lost Days   Phoenix TWDVP
The Meaning of Christmas This story looks at what Heath's life might have been like if Leah Thomson allowed him to grow up on the Barkley Ranch as Victoria and Tom Barkley's son. Sparks fly when Heath, in his teenage years, finds out the truth behind his birth circumstances. Phoenix TBL
Meeting in Strawberry Tom Barkley takes a business trip to Strawberry and a young boy named Heath impresses him with his knowledge of horses and work ethic. This is an ALTERNATIVE Heath short story. Phoenix TBL
The Mighty Morphin Power Ranchers - Enter the White Rancher   JolieHart (JBHart) TWDTV
Missing Eugene AU: Introducing a little sister for the Barkleys. WARNING: spanking of child. fozrulz FFN
Monarch Oaks   jRedwood (Redwood) - ? -
More Tales from the Schoolyard [Valentine Challenge] Katlynn TWDTC
The Mother He Never Knew   Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDBCD
A Mother's Son Comes Home [POG Reversal Challenge] BVMatriarch TWDTC
A Mother's Wish This one is in the alternative universe. Basically a late night meeting and the robbery and murder of a horse breeder combine to bring to the Barkleys a new family member and reunite Heath with somebody special to him. Aussie (Ro) TBL
Mud Boys   kronosxf (Christina) TWDTA[MN]
Murphy's Law and One Nicholas J. Barkley   dcat THP
My Heart My Son Alternative Universe with a new twist on how Heath came to live at the Ranch. What happens when a good deed injures Heath and a family takes him in to repay him without really knowing his true identity? Who suspects the truth and what will happen when He Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) FFN
My Husband's Son An alternate introduction of Heath. weewillie TWDTV
My new son [POG Reversal Challenge]
Backstory to "Sons, I'd like you to meet . . ."
BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
My Son, My Son A "what if" moment from the episode, My Son, My Son. Based on the line from Nick: "If he'd moved a couple inches we'd be burying him!" SO...what if Heath HAD moved a couple of inches? Here's what could've happened! Character Death. Pineapple Angel 14 FFN
My Version of Palms Of Glory   sandy marek TWDTA0501
Name's Barkley An alternate introduction of Heath. weewillie TWDBCD
A New Brother   BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDBCD
New Orleans Noel [sequel to "Play It With Finesse"] stacey256 THP
A New Sister [In Which Audra is the Newcomer] StephGP (Laurie Le May) TWDTV
Nick, Do Snipes Have Tails? This is an alternative Big Valley story which portrays Heath arriving at the Barkley ranch as a young child. Heath4Me (Sandi H.) THP
Alternate ending to Night of the Wolf This story starts with the last scene in "Night of the Wolf". Nick adopts Tommy and brings him to the ranch. Casey3043 TWDTAV
No Place That Far A 'what if' based on the episode 'The Murdered Party' LoriLee FFN
No Profit An alternative ending to "The Profit And The Lost". HOW/HOW2 (Ros) TWDTA[MN]
No Regrets Alternate ending to Night of the Wolf Dreamer1985 (aka BarkleyFan11, Ghostwriter85) TWDTV
No Son of Mine I loved BV, and especially Heath. In my stories I try to explore the relationship between Heath and the other main characters, this time Victoria. kashkow1 FFN
Not Wanted an alternate "Heath meets the Barkleys" docdeb (Debbie) TWDTA[MN]
Of Two Minds Sequel to "A Greater Purpose". Young Nick and Heath need to come to an understanding. Queenafoster TWDTA[O-R]
Old Flames   stacey256 THP
Once In a Lifetime A young woman living in 1968 finds herself back in 1874 working for the Barkleys. What will happen? Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
Once Was Lost an alternative ending to "The Lost Treasure" HOW/HOW2 (Ros) TWDTA[O-R]
One Man's Hell An AU look at Heath's early days at the ranch. soho178 FFN
One Wing in the Fire This story follows "Thicker Than Water". Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
On the Other Foot An AU POG story with Nick as Leah's son and Heath running the ranch. arkangel36 THP
Out of Harm's Way This one is a Barkley AU, set in modern times. jRedwood (Redwood) TWDTA[O-R]
Out of the Ashes A firebug plagues the valley. Could it be the new ranch hand, Heath Thomson? An alternate POG story, entwined with several other familiar episodes for good measure. austentatious (Lynn) TWDTA[O-R]
Out of the Ruins [POG Role Reversal Challenge] Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDBCD
Overdue Justice Seven months after being sheinghaid Nick shows back up in Stockton with a friend. Both have one thing on their mind...serving out some overdue justice! Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
The Parent Trap   ItsMeVictoriaB (aka Miss KatieBee) TWDTA[O-R]
Passages Hello all! We (Suzanne and Mary) got together and merged our 'alternative universes' in order to bring you all a story in response to Kellie's challenge for a New Year's Eve 1899 story. Mary and Suzanne TBL
Patience and Perseverance   Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTA[O-R]
Perchance to Dream This is the next installment after "The Wedding March". stacey256 - ? -
A Piece of My Heart [an AU story] BVMom57 TWDTAV
Pilgrimage   weewillie TWDTV
A Place To Belong   LoriLee FFN
Play It With Finesse   stacey256 THP
The Prize An alternate version to the episode 'The Prize'. JV (JV04) TWDVP
Promised Land Alternative: a fight against the railroad unites the Barkleys and the Thomsons. Nzie (Nadja) TBL
Promises Finally, the last wedding day arrives. stacey256 TWDTAV
Promises Kept, Secrets Revealed Injured in a jail break attempt, Heath accidentally reveals his identity to his family. - Another AU story of Heath's coming to the Barkley's. catlee2 (Modocgal) TWDTA[O-R]
Proper Son   HOW/HOW2 (Ros) TWDTA[O-R]
Ransomed [3rd Rachel Barkley story]
Audra and Rachel go for a ride to the Mokelumne River, but it turns into a nightmare when the two sisters are captured by a gang of outlaws that want ransom money from the Barkleys.
Rachel L Driscoll FFN
A Rare Gift This is an alternate ending to "Night of the Wolf". docdeb (Debbie) TWDTA[O-R]
Refract AU story Rosie247 - ? -
The Reluctant Son What would happen to the Barkley family if, at the end of the pilot/first TV episode "Palms of Glory", Heath Thomson refused to ride back to the ranch with his brothers, Jarrod and Nick Barkley? Phoenix TBL
Revenge [Third in series]
Payback on the Barkleys for what happened in A Brother's Intuition.
Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTA[O-R]
Rivals and Mothers   dcat THP
The Road Home A sequel to "A Cry of Innocence", taking place eleven years later. Kellie (Kellie L., KellieAgain) TBL
Rule Number 62 [based on "The Wish"]
Nick decides it's time to teach his little brother, Heath, about .... well, you'll have to read it to find out.
Katlynn THP
Run of the Cat AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE STORY - My thoughts on what happened after the episode "Run of the Cat" ... one of my favorites. LilyBitt (Lily B., LilyGirl) THP
Schoolboys   dcat THP
The Second Time Around Jarrod Barkley has a very hard time after the loss of his beloved wife, Beth. The Barkley Clan is worried about their 'Pappy', since he hasn't been himself since her death. Something WILL happen to change that and possibly change Jarrod in the process. Christiangirl - ? -
The Secret An alternative take on the episode "Night of the Wolf". Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTA[S]
Seek and Ye Shall Find   Deirdre (DeirdreM) TWDSTA
Serpents and Swindlers [6th Rachel Barkley story]
When tales of counterfeiters hit the town of Stockton, the Barkley's learn that snakes aren't just the kind that wriggle around on their bellies - although there are plenty of that kind, too!
Rachel L Driscoll FFN
Shadow and Substance [Sequel to "Every Man Casts A Shadow"] AnneWithane (Little Miss Hickock) TWDBCD
Sick Boys   kronosxf (Christina) TWDTA[S]
A Simple Man This is an alternate universe story in which Heath meets the Barkleys soon after Thomas Barkley's death. kronosxf (Christina) TWDTA[S]
A Simple Man: New Beginnings [a sequel to "A Simple Man"] kronosxf (Christina) TWDTA[S]
A Simple Man: Prison This story is a sequel to "A Simple Man: New Beginnings" kronosxf (Christina) TWDTA[S]
The Soldier [A Christmas Challenge Story] Casey3043 TWDTAC
Sometimes Love Ain't Enough Follows the ramifications of Heath dealing with Bentell and the horrid aftermath. An AU story about what should have happened with Matt Bentell. hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) FFN
Sons, I'd like you to Meet . . . [POG Reversal Challenge] BValleyReader (Vickie G.) TWDTC
A Son's Journey Home   JV (JV04) TWDVP
Souls in Conflict This is an alternate reality story set about a year after Jarrod's wife Beth died. Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDSTA
Star Crossed   stacey256 THP
Stolen Legacy This alternate scenario for Heath's arrival at the Barkley ranch explores an interesting 'what if...' Helen (Helen J.) TBL
Storm Understanders   dcat THP
Stranded The Barkley brothers and their younger sister Krissy head up to their cabin in the Sierra-Nevadas. Note: I threw Audra out because I don't care for her, and I replaced her with a different younger sister, Krissy, who is my own character. CollieandShire FFN
A Stranger at the Funeral [POG Reversal Challenge] nlindabrit (LindaBrit) TWDLL
The Stranger's Familiar Face This story goes in the "Alternative Heath Meets Barkleys" file. Phoenix TBL
Strong Will, Broken Hearts An AU what if story. Victoria is not happy with the arrival of her husband's son. arkangel36 THP
Sunday Callers This is another "alternative Heath arrives at the Barkley's" story. Phoenix TBL
A Tale of Two Mothers   Katlynn THP
There is a Season [sequel to "Brother Game"]
A story of a kidnapped sister and of Heath finding his place with the Barkleys.
Pippa (Rrund) FFN
They Say He Was Born in a Tent   hawkkk1 TWDTA[T]
Thicker Than Water An alternate way that Heath joins the family. Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
Those Darn Rules! [Not Again] Katlynn THP
Ties That Bind What if Tom Barley and Leah Thomson's child was a daughter? LoriLee TWDBCD
A Time To Every Purpose   kronosxf (Christina) TWDTA[T]
Time to Heal A 'what if' taken from 'The Fallen Hawk'. After his friend is thrown from the horse Heath paid him to ride and killed, Heath blames himself. When he hears overhears a portion of Nick's words, and takes it wrong, he leaves the ranch. Will he return? Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
To Believe Or Not To Believe June after Frogs' Eggs. HOW/HOW2 (Ros) TWDVP
To Break A Brother   StephGP (Laurie Le May) TWDTV
To Dance with My Mother   Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTA[T]
Tom's Little Boy Child This takes place a year before "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" when Heath is four. HOW/HOW2 (Ros) TWDTA[T]
Too Busy to be a Boy This is in the theme of the "Alternative Heath Introductions to the Barkleys" series. Phoenix TBL
To Own the Night The continuation of the "Ramrod" continues with Heath's point of view once more as he and his family becomes embroiled in a fight to save their ranch from rustlers. galloping mare - ? -
Trials   Polly Cy TWDTA[T]
The True Measure of Wealth What if the events in the episode turned out differently and the Barkleys had to pay back the million dollars? LoriLee FFN
True Tests In this ALTERNATIVE Heath story, two Barkley family members survive a close call while on a preholiday shopping trip to San Francisco. Phoenix TBL
Trust   stacey256 TWDTAV
A Trust Betrayed [Trilogy of Trust]
here's an alternate version of "Hazard" revisited as: "A Trust Betrayed"
jRedwood (Redwood) THP
Tumbleweed   Dyce20 (MaryK) TWDTA[T]
Turnaround   HOW/HOW2 (Ros) TWDTA[T]
Unanswered Prayers Heath is a orphaned reverend who finds out the Barkley's are his family. He is torn between them and his duty to GOD. hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) TWDTA[U-Z]
An Unexpected Gift ["Word" Challenge] StephGP (Laurie Le May) TWDTC
Unseen Friend   Phoenix TWDVP
The Wedding March [a follow-on to "Old Flames"] stacey256 TWDTA[U-Z]
What Makes A Man When 18-year-old Nick Barkley hears a rumor about his father's infidelity, he rides to Strawberry to prove it wrong. JolieHart (JBHart) FFN
When Heath Came Along Introducing another sister to the family - Rachel Barkley. This is my rendition of 'Palms of Glory'. When Heath breaks the news to the family that he is Tom Barkley's son, Rachel does not want to accept him. Rachel L Driscoll FFN
Where Ever Thou Goest This story follows "One Wing in the Fire". Tauna Petit-Strawn FFN
Where the Heck is Nick [little sequel to "Earning Her Spurs"] stacey256 TWDTAV
Who Gives This Woman a continuation of my alternate university with extra brother Peter and his family. It occurs right after "Perchance to Dream" stacey256 TWDTAV
Winds of Life   Angelme2u (Christy, Angelone) TWDTC
Winner at a Losing game Heath as a con man caught up by the Barkley's as they reveal to him as his family. hawaiichick12 (Wild West Chick) - ? -
The Wish An AU story in which 7-year-old Heath comes to live with the Barkleys shortly after his mother dies. He's convinced that a wish he made is what brought him there and he desperately wants to undo that wish so he can go home to Strawberry ... and his mama. Katlynn THP
Wishes Granted An alternate universe in which Victoria has difficulty accepting Heath and makes a wish that Heath had not come to the ranch. Once the wish is granted, will she regret her wish, and how will her family move on without Heath? sbishoff FFN
Worst case scenario [an AU story] Roosgal (Jamie) TWDTAB06
Wounded! Balm of Forgiveness [A Short Story]
Victoria calms four-year-old Heath after a nightmare. (This short story has Heath coming to live with the Barkley's as a child.)
Jansusan FFN


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