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Story Parts (Internet Location) Posted Date
The Golden Connection [In progress] Chapter 1: Getting There (THP) - removed
  Chapter 2, Part 1: Getting There (THP) - removed
  Chapter 2, Part 2: Getting There (THP) - removed
  Chapter 3: That's Part of Getting There (THP) - removed
  TBC ? (- ? -)
Healing Visions [In progress] Chapters 1-3 (THP) - removed
  Chapters 4-7 (THP) - removed
  TBC ? (- ? -)
24 Hours in the Life of...
Category: Humor
- Complete - (THP)
The Promise of Gold
This short story was written in response to a writing challenge. The italicised text was provided as the starter. This was conceived as a longer story, but since I may never get to complete it, this 'tempter' is posted.
Challenge: "Brilliant Scheme" Challenge
PART 1/? (THP)
  TBC ? (- ? -)
Overnight at Lyell Creek
Character(s): Nick, Heath
- Complete - (THP)
The Attack Cat Arrives [A story within a story]
When a rat causes turmoil at the ranch, Heath decides to bring in a cat which turns out to be more than he bargained for --- a short comedy piece, about a day in the life of Heath and Nick. It is a part of a much longer saga, which I may never finish.
Category: Humor, Post timeline
Character(s): Nick, Heath
- Complete - (THP)
Sam Sam Railman [MCC Challenge]
Challenge: Minor Character Challenge
- Complete - (TWDTAC) 15.07.2005 03:53


- ? -: Unknown
THP: The Holding Pen
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