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Story Parts (Internet Location) Posted Date
Jarod has to adjust to being the head of the family after the death of his father. Will his siblings make it an easy adjustment, or a difficult one?
Category: Drama
Character(s): Jarrod
- Complete - (FFN) 14.08.2012 00:00
The Ride Home
A continuation of the episode Days Of Wrath. Heath and Nick escort Jarrod back to Stockton, but struggle to find a way to help their big brother.
Category: Drama
Episode: 3.17 - Days of Wrath
Character(s): Jarrod, Nick, Heath
Chapter 1 (FFN) 07.01.2013 00:00
  Part Two (FFN) 07.01.2013 00:00
  Part Three (End) (FFN) 07.01.2013 00:00
Sunset of Sunrises
In the twilight of life, Nick joins Heath to enjoy the sunrise and have an important conversation.
Character(s): Nick, Heath
- Complete - (FFN) 15.09.2013 00:00


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