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You Raise Me Up [sequel to "Destiny"]
Heath struggles with prejudices from outside sources while he tries to adjust to his new life as a Barkley. This story continues where "Destiny" left off.
Chapters 1-13 (THP)
  Chapters 14-23 (THP)
  Chapters 24-30 (THP)
  Chapters 31-39 (THP)
  Chapters 40-46 (THP)
  TBC ? (- ? -)
The road a young man travels in hopes of finding his destiny. To be continued in the sequel "You Raise Me Up".
Chapter 1-7 (THP)
  Chapter 8-13, Epilogue (THP)
A Brother's Gift
Heath has a special gift for a special brother
- Complete - (THP)
  - Complete - (TWDTAV) 12.03.2005 09:57
Something You Can't Buy
Heath's personal descriptions of his family
- Complete - (THP)
Whisper My Name [songfic]
This is a short story about the relationship between Nick and his daughter through the years; inspired from a song performed by Randy Travis.
Category: Filk/Song
- Complete - (THP)
  - Complete - (TWDTAV) 27.03.2005 10:16
Do Unto Others [MCC]
A continuation to the Season Three Episode "Flock of Trouble" in response to the Minor Character Story Challenge
Category: Post timeline
Episode: 3.03 - A Flock of Trouble
Character(s): Carl Wheeler, Audra
Challenge: Minor Character Challenge
- Complete - (TWDTAC) 13.07.2005 18:13


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