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Story Parts (Internet Location) Posted Date
Nick, The Horse [based on "To Be or Not To Be"]
Character(s): Nick, Heath
- Complete - (THP)
The Wish
An AU story in which 7-year-old Heath comes to live with the Barkleys shortly after his mother dies. He's convinced that a wish he made is what brought him there and he desperately wants to undo that wish so he can go home to Strawberry ... and his mama.
Category: Alternate Universe, KidFic
Chapters 1-7 (THP)
  Chapters 8-13, Epilogue (THP)
Rule Number 62 [based on "The Wish"]
Nick decides it's time to teach his little brother, Heath, about .... well, you'll have to read it to find out.
Category: Alternate Universe, KidFic
Character(s): Nick, Heath, Victoria, Tom Barkley, Silas
- Complete - (THP)
The Camping Trip [based on "The Wish"]
Nick takes his little brother on his first camping trip. This story continues the adventures of the 7-year-old Heath and 11-year-old Nick characters that were introduced in "The Wish". It takes place about a month after "Rule Number 62".
Category: Alternate Universe, KidFic
- Complete - (THP)
48 Hours to Kill - Complete - (THP)
A Mother's Instinct - Complete - (THP)
We Did What!
This story was written in response to a challenge to write a 400-word story that included the following four words: anesthesia, eclipse, hot-air balloon and ornithorhynchus.
Challenge: 400-word Word Challenge
- Complete - (THP)
Christmas Memories
This short story was written in response to a challenge to write a 500-word Christmas story that included all members of the Barkley family.
Holiday: Christmas
Challenge: 500-word Christmas story Challenge
- Complete - (THP)
To Be or Not To Be
Shortly after Heath's arrival in Stockton, a trip to Nevada to buy horses turns into a journey of discovery for Nick and Heath.
Part 1 (Chapters 1-6) (THP)
  Part 2 (Chapters 7-12) (THP)
  Part 3 (Chapters 13-17) (THP)
  Part 4 (Chapters 18-23) (THP)
  Part 5 (Chapters 24-29) (THP)
  Part 6 (Chapters 30-35 and Epilogue) (THP)
I know you THINK you understand... [WC]
related to "The Wish"
Category: Alternate Universe, KidFic
Challenge: Word Challenge
- Complete - (THP)
  - Complete - (TWDTAC) 03.04.2005 06:06
Full Circle [MCC]
Challenge: Minor Character Challenge
- Complete - (THP)
  - Complete - (TWDTAC) 16.07.2005 21:36
Skepticism [Alphabet Challenge]
Challenge: Alphabet or 26 Word Challenge
- Complete - (TWDTAC) 03.06.2006 15:52
The Letter "S" [The Alliterative Challenge]
Challenge: Alliterative Challenge
- Complete - (TWDTAC) 14.06.2006 00:41
Those Darn Rules! [Not Again]
Category: Alternate Universe, KidFic
Character(s): Nick, Heath
Challenge: Not Again 500 Word Challenge
- Complete - (THP)
  - Complete - (TWDTAC) 11.08.2006 03:53
Forget Me Not [Halloween Challenge]
Holiday: Halloween
Challenge: "Three witches" Halloween Challenge
- Complete - (THPCP)
A Simple Misunderstanding [Jailed Brother Challenge]
Character(s): Victoria, Jarrod
Challenge: Jailed Brother Challenge
- Complete - (THP)
  - Complete - (TWDTC) 01.09.2008 20:34
A Tale of Two Mothers
Category: Alternate Universe
Challenge: POG Parent Reversal Challenge
- Complete - (THP)
  Chapter 1 (TWDTA[T]) 29.04.2009 01:57
  Chapter 2 (TWDTA[T]) 01.05.2009 03:14
  Chapter 3 (TWDTA[T]) 03.05.2009 14:34
  Chapter 4 (TWDTA[T]) 05.05.2009 21:22
  Chapter 5 - End (TWDTA[T]) 11.05.2009 01:02
More Tales from the Schoolyard [Valentine Challenge]
Category: Alternate Universe, KidFic
Challenge: Valentine's "word" story challenge
- Complete - (TWDTC) 07.02.2010 20:58
Three Times ...
... Heath Said 'Boy howdy' ... And One Time He Didn't
Challenge: Three and One Challenge
- Complete - (TWDTC) 18.09.2010 13:29
Splorin' in Sherlock Forest [Linda's Birthday Challenge]
Category: KidFic
Challenge: Linda's Birthday Challenge
- Complete - (TWDTC) 30.09.2010 02:05
One Size Fits All [Why do they do that? Challenge]
Challenge: Why do they do that? Challenge
- Complete - (TWDTC) 16.02.2011 21:34


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