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False Impressions
Did 15yo Heath run away from home then reconsider? Where has he been for the last three days? Upon his return, an argument with Nick turns into a heartfelt discussion, and the brothers soon learn just what they mean to each other.
Category: Alternate Universe, Drama, Pre timeline
Character(s): Nick, Heath
- Complete - (FFN) 27.05.2013 00:00
A Matt Bentell Interlude
This is a "WHIB/What Happened In Between" story during Season 1, Episode 13, "The Guilt of Matt Bentell".
Category: Drama, Missing Scene
Episode: 1.13 - The Guilt of Matt Bentell
Character(s): Nick, Heath
Chapter 1 (FFN) 21.07.2013 00:00
  Chapter 2 (FFN) 25.07.2013 00:00
  Chapter 3 (FFN) 28.07.2013 00:00
  Chapter 4 (FFN) 30.07.2013 00:00
  Chapter 5 (FFN) 31.07.2013 00:00
In Defense of Heath
One-shot WHIB for Season 1, Episode 10, "The Murdered Party". Nick is far from happy that Heath has been beaten by Jake Kyles and two of his sons, and he's even more angry with Jarrod for taking Korby's case.
Episode: 1.10 - The Murdered Party
- Complete - (FFN) 21.08.2013 00:00


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