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The Measure of a Barkley
Jarrod needs to know his relationship with Heath hasn't been knocked off solid footing after the trial of Korby Kyles in "The Murdered Party".
Category: Missing Scene
Episode: 1.10 - The Murdered Party
Character(s): Jarrod, Heath
- Complete - (FFN) 18.02.2012 00:00
  - Complete - (TWDTV) 06.04.2012 21:27
A Treasure Reclaimed
When Heath walked out the door in "Lost Treasure", Nick didn't just lose his brother - he lost his best friend. Forgiveness doesn't come easy for the most hotheaded Barkley.
Episode: 2.01 - The Lost Treasure
- Complete - (FFN) 28.03.2012 00:00


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